Professor Allan Moore

Emeritus Professor

Qualifications: MMus (Surrey), PhD (Southampton)

Phone: Work: 01483 68 6538
Room no: 42 PA

Further information


I joined the University in 2000 and am currently Professor of Popular Music in the School of Arts (Music). I gained a first in music from the University of Southampton and a Masters' in Composition from the University of Surrey before returning to Southampton to complete a PhD in 1990 on the late chamber music of Roberto Gerhard and the problem of an adequate analytic method. Until 2000 I led research in the London College of Music and Media at Thames Valley University. I have also taught courses at Royal Holloway (University of London) and City University.

Subsequent to my doctoral research, I changed tack towards researching popular music, with a particular interest in questions of meaning in recorded song. I was a founder member of the Critical Musicology Forum, was founding co-editor of the journal twentieth-century music and am or have been on various other journal and book editorial and advisory boards (Popular Music, Popular Musicology Online, the Journal of the Art of Record Production, the Journal of the Society for American Music, Rivista de Analisi e Teoria Musicale, El oído pensante, the University of Michigan Press book series Tracking Pop, and the Palgrave book series Pop Music, Culture, and Identity). I am currently co-ordinating editor of the journal Popular Music. I was series editor for Ashgate’s Library of Essays in Popular Music.

I have served as a member of the AHRC peer review college and of the Music Publishers' Association Register of Expert Witnesses. I have also received major research grants from the Arts & Humanities Research Council and from PALATINE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England teaching & learning centre for the performing arts). I regularly referee submissions for various academic journals and book publishers, act as external examiner and appointment/review committee member, undertake media interviews and advise songwriters on issues of copyright infringement etc. Full and up-to-date details of my publications can be found on my website,

Research Interests

I work on the theory, analysis and hermeneutics of recorded popular song. Historically, I specialise in the period 1955-80, geographically I am chiefly interested in the musics of the British Isles, North America and the Celtic lands of North-Western Europe, and in terms of praxis I am particularly focused on progressive rock and the folk song traditions of the British Isles. I am currently beginning work on a book exploring the changing styles of performance of English folk song from the 1950s to the present. I also have a lingering interest in the music of modernism, its analysis and cultural legacy.


(since 2000)


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'Constructing authenticity in rock'; invited paper at Comparative music praxes, Middlesex University, May 2000.
'Analysing popular music'; invited paper at Teaching Pop Music, Institute of Education, London University, May 2000.


I supervise a number of doctoral students, both musicoloigsts and composers, in a range of topics in popular music and in modernism. At Master’s level, I contribute to the Readings in Musicology and Research Training modules in addition to supervising dissertations. At undergraduate level, I teach the third-year options Rock Track Poetics, Anglo-Celtic Folk Song Traditions and Progressive Issues in Rock, and the second-year options Popular Song Analysis and European Modernism. I contribute top the second-year Musicology module and supervise second-year Musicology essays and final year Dissertations.

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