Dr Patrick Duggan

Research Interests

  • political/ideological 'functions' of cultural practices
  • theatre/performance and trauma
  • ethics, witnessing and spectatorship
  • contemporary performance practices
  • critical approaches to performance
  • contemporary tragedy
  • theatre in contexts of crisis or extremity
  • failure and human error
  • fear and anxiety
  • interdisciplinary research practice

Research Collaborations

I am currently working on two collaborative projects:

  • an interdisciplinary project exploring contemporary cultural products and practices that attend to questions of fear and anxiety, with Professor Steffi Brusberg, University of Hildesheim (Germany)
  • a multidisciplinary investigation of failure and human error with colleagues from Imperial College, the UCL Institute of Education and an ENT surgeon


Special Topic

Theatre Lab

Arts Analysis



Co-Convener of the Performance and the Body Working Group for TaPRA

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the AHRC Peer Review College

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 3558

Find me on campus
Room: 04 NC 01


Journal articles

  • Duggan P. (2017) 'On the Radical Political Potential of Performance:  witnessing, implication and ethics in representations of the Northern Irish Dirty Protests and Hunger Strikes (1976 – 1981)'. Taylor & Francis Contemporary Theatre Review,
    [ Status: Accepted ]
  • Duggan P, Spence J. (2016) 'Performance and…'. The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, 24 (1)


    In titling our chapter ‘Performance and…’ our intention is not to privilege performance studies over theatre studies or drama but rather to call to attention the longstanding proposition that performance (studies) ‘resists or rejects definition’ (Schechner, Richard, 1998, ‘What Is ‘Performance Studies’ Anyway?’ in: P. Phelan and J. Lane (eds.), The Ends of Performance, NYU Press, p. 360) and as such highlight the potential it holds for interdisciplinary scholarship and the way in which the idea of performance has been conceived fluidly and expansively, both key concerns of all the volumes reviewed here. We are, we hope, at a point in the development of performance and theatre studies where there is an understanding, acceptance and exploration of the mutually constructive and beneficial interweaving of these two ‘traditions’ of scholarship within the broader field of drama. In the books we look at, both ‘theatre’ and ‘performance’ are brought to bear on the matters at hand almost interchangeably, with established text-based dramas taking their place alongside works in the performance art tradition to further arguments pertaining to a variety of disciplines. Such plurality of approach is a defining feature of the works we have chosen to discuss and binds them to a common purpose: the exploration of drama/theatre/performance in, with and between other disciplines and discourses in the pursuit of illuminating the world around us in more meaningful ways.

  • Duggan P. (2013) 'Others, Spectatorship, and the Ethics of Verbatim Performance'. NTQ: New Theatre Quarterly, 29 (2)
  • Duggan P. (2011) 'Trauma and Performance: Maps, narratives and folds'. Performance Research: a journal of the performing arts, 16 (1)
  • Duggan P. (2009) 'The Touch and the Cut: An annotated dialogue with Kira O’Reilly'. Studies in Theatre and Performance, 29 (3)


  • Duggan P. (2016) Performing (for) Survival: Theatre, Crisis, Extremity. Palgrave macmillan
  • Duggan P. (2013) Reverberations across Small-Scale British Theatre: Politics, Aesthetics and Forms.
  • Duggan P. (2012) Trauma-Tragedy: Symptoms of contemporary performance. Manchester : Manchester University Press
  • Duggan P. (2011) Performance Research: On Trauma. 1st Edition. Taylor and Francis 16

Book chapters

  • Duggan P. (2016) '‘Dis-ease’ and the Performance of Radical Resistance in the Maze Prison'. in Duggan P, Peschel P (eds.) Performing (for) Survival: Theatre, Crisis, Extremity
  • Duggan P. (2014) 'Theatre’s immediacy: notes on performing ‘with’ Žižek'. in Chow B (ed.) Žižek and Performance Palgrave Macmillan Article number 13
  • Duggan P. (2013) 'Political theatre ‘without finger-wagging’: On The Paper Birds’ and integrative aesthetics'. in Duggan P (ed.) Reverberations across Small-Scale British Theatre: Politics, Aesthetics and Forms
  • Duggan P. (2011) 'Staging the Impossible: Severance and separation in the National Theatre’s adaptation of His Dark Materials'. in Barfield S (ed.) Critical Perspectives on Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials: Essays on the Novels, the Film and the Stage Productions

Other publications

  • Duggan P. (2014) Playtexts. Intellect

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