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September 16-17 2002

UMIST (Manchester, UK)

Sponsored by ESRC and LAGB

The Surrey Morphology Group is organising a workshop on agreement, to be held in conjunction with the 2002 autumn meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain.

The aim of the workshop is to disseminate the results from an ESRC project on agreement carried out by Greville Corbett, Dunstan Brown, Carole Tiberius, and Julia Barron at the University of Surrey. There will be papers by our consultants Nick Evans and Marianne Mithun, and further invited papers on agreement by Bernard Comrie, Maria Polinsky, and Anna Siewierska.

The project involves a typological database which will be of interest to linguists of different persuasions and to psycholinguists. There will be opportunity for discussion, but we are not inviting additional papers.

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