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The University of Surrey is one of the region’s largest employers with nearly 2,500 staff and over 14,000 students living and working on and around campus.

Together with the University’s Research Park and its tenants, the University of Surrey stimulates over a billion pounds of economic activity annually in the regional economy.

110 companies at Surrey Research Park

The University owns and runs Surrey Research Park, a 70-acre facility hosting 100 companies – many of which are our spin-out companies where Surrey’s inspiring research is turned into profitable business propositions.

In 2014, Surrey Research Park tenants employ around 3,500 people on site, some of whom are recruited from within Surrey whole others come from the pool of graduates and postgraduates from our courses.

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Number one business incubator in Europe

The University has been incubating technology businesses since 2002 when, along with the universities of Bath, Bristol and Southampton, we founded the SETsquared Partnership.

SETsquared has directly supported over 650 companies since 2002, helping them raise over £750 million and creating over 1,000 new jobs. It has also been ranked by the University Business Incubator Index (UBI) as the number one Incubator in Europe and second in the world.

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Surrey Incubation

Offering exceptional business support for high-tech start-ups with the potential for high-growth, Surrey Incubation promotes an entrepreneurial eco-system and provides dedicated desks for our Members at the Surrey Technology Centre.

Surrey 100 Club

Surrey Incubation has its own angel investment club, the Surrey 100 Club, which provides support and training to businesses raising finance and does not charge any fees or take a share of any investment its companies achieve, making it a unique investment club.

The Surrey 100 Club has secured over £25 million in funding, which has assisted in protecting and creating over 360 jobs.

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