Charitable Status

The University of Surrey is an exempt charity within the meaning of Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011 and is therefore exempt from registration with the Charities Commission.  The University's HMRC Charities reference number is X3967.

On 1 June 2010 the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) became the principal regulator of those higher education institutions in England which it funds and which are exempt charities. This page contains the information required by HEFCE to be published on the websites of those higher education institutions. Annex E to the Memorandum of Assurance and Accountability between HEFCE and Institutions 2014/12 refers.

Legal name and correspondence address of the HEI:

University of Surrey

University of Surrey is the preferred name.  Abbreviations are not encouraged.

Constitutional document:

The University was established by Royal Charter in 1966 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  The Charter can be found here.

Trustees of the charity:

The members of the University Council are also the Trustees of the University.  The list of Trustees, including other trusteeships they hold, can be found here.

Audited financial statements:

The audited financial statements can be found here.

Connected charitable institutions:

Information about the University's connected charitable institutions can be found here.

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