Governance and Structure

The University of Surrey is an institute of Higher Education established by Royal Charter in 1966 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Charter defines the governance of the University: its objects, statutes, ordinances, regulations, officers and powers including those that allow us to award degrees. The objects of the University remain as relevant now as they did more than 40 years ago, they are:

'...the pursuit of learning and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, in Science and Technology and all that pertains to a fuller understanding of humanity, in close co-operation with the industrial life of the country and with commerce and the professions; so that by its discipline and inspiration and by the sharing of their life and interests its Members at all levels may grow in wisdom as well as knowledge and be enabled, according to the best of their several talents and abilities, to enrich their own lives and the life and livelihood of the community.'

The Statutes and Ordinances provide detailed information about the running of the University in terms of its governance. They present information on the roles and responsibilities of the officers of the University, including The Chancellor, The Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and also about the core statutory bodies and committees such as the Court, Council and Senate.

The Regulations provide information on the framework under which the academic activities of the University are carried out, including its educational operation, discipline of its students and its appeals processes.

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