Depositing records

We collect records created by the University, and many of our records are transferred directly from departments, schools and services by University staff. Members of the University can find guidance on records management on the Information Compliance Unit pages of the intranet. 

We are also interested in recording the experiences of students and staff of the University, and sometimes their lives before and after they attend or work for Surrey, so please contact us if you have records you are interested in donating. In considering whether the University is the right place for your collection, we will look at the connection to the University, whether the records are of historical or research value, and whether we have the right facilities to care for the collection in the long term. We can return or confidentially dispose of records found to be duplicate copies, or not of historic value, or suggest alternative archive services which may be interested in taking your collection.

If considering depositing a collection, please gather as much information as possible, e.g. names and dates of people in photographs, dates for publications, copyright status of items etc. A deposit agreement, which covers the terms of deposit and any special conditions, closure periods, will be signed and a copy given to the depositor to keep.

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