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Management and strategy

At Surrey, we continue to build on the foundations made by individuals and groups who work together to make Surrey a top-ten university.

Image of Professor Sir Christopher Snowden

As we look to the future, Surrey is in a strong position to meet the challenges of a changing higher education landscape and fulfil our aim of contributing to the wider world with our research, scholarship, teaching and learning – ensuring that we continue to prosper as a thriving university of excellence.

Professor Sir Christopher Snowden President and Vice-Chancellor

Leading the University of Surrey

The management and strategy of the University is led by the President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden. Working with the senior advisory body of the Executive Board, he defines the academic direction of Surrey and ensures that it is well managed.

Documents like the Annual Review and strategic plan offer an insight into the recent past, the present and the future of the University, alongside Financial Statements, policies and insurance information that give a detailed insight into the operations of the organisation.

Explore the senior management of the University (opens as PDF).