Band C Rooms

Standard Single Rooms on Stag Hill Campus

Six Courts have Band C rooms: Battersea, Cathedral, Stag Hill, Surrey, Twyford and University. All rooms have washbasins, except those in Stag Hill Court and University Court, and share kitchens and showers. There are also 4 Band C rooms at Manor Park, these do not have washbasins in the rooms.

Band C - The Facts

  • 1425 rooms
  • Single rooms: Yes
  • Shared rooms: No
  • Ensuite shower: No
  • Broadband: Included
  • Belongings Insurance: Included
  • Residents Parking: None
  • Approximate Total Room Area: 9.3m²

We regret it is not possible to select to be allocated to a specific Court.

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A typical Band C roomA typical Band C room
A typical Band C roomA typical floor plan of a Band C room


Battersea Court and Surrey Court

Battersea and Surrey Courts comprise four or five-storey houses with 14 single rooms and a kitchen on each floor. Each room has a washbasin and each floor shares three toilets and three showers. The kitchens are large and provide space to prepare meals as well as for socialising with friends. Battersea Court Reception serves both Courts and has a television room and games area.

Watch our video tours for Battersea Court and Surrey Court.


Cathedral Court

Cathedral Court has seven houses located a short distance away from the centre of Campus but close to the Teaching Block and the Library . Each block has three or four floors of seven rooms, each with a washbasin, a kitchen, two shared showers and two toilets. Cathedral Court reception building has a TV room and pool table.

Watch our video tour.


Stag Hill Court

Stag Hill Court is a sociable and popular place to live, close to the Students' Union. The Court has 43 terraced houses each with a large kitchen, six single rooms without washbasins and two split-level (duplex) rooms (see Band A). The single rooms are arranged in pairs sharing an adjacent shower room with toilet and washbasin. The Court has a communal lounge with television and pool table.

Watch our video tour.


Twyford Court

Twyford Court has flats of 5 rooms all with washbasins, sharing a kitchen and 2 shower rooms and 2 toilets. Located in a relatively quiet area of Campus and close to the Guildford School of Acting facilities. It shares a communal TV room in the Cathedral Court Reception Building.

Watch our video tour.


University Court

University Court has flats of four rooms without washbasins, sharing a shower room and 2 toilets, also sharing a kitchen between 7 rooms Located at the edge of Campus closest to the town centre and Railway Station, and sharing a communal TV room and Reception with nearby Stag Hill Court.

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