Allocation Policy

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<div class="rxbodyfield"><p>This Section explains who is eligible for accommodation and when to apply. Our official Residential Allocation Policy is set in November each year for the following Academic Year. Links to the Allocation Policy are supplied below</p><p><a href=";sys_variantid=607&amp;sys_revision=5&amp;sys_contentid=138056&amp;sys_context=0" inlinetype="rxhyperlink" rxinlineslot="103" sys_contentid="138056" sys_dependentid="138056" sys_dependentvariantid="607" sys_folderid="" sys_relationshipid="1697511" sys_siteid="" sys_variantid="607">Accommodation Allocation Policy 2015/16</a></p><p><a href=";sys_variantid=607&amp;sys_revision=1&amp;sys_contentid=158812&amp;sys_folderid=17636&amp;sys_context=0" inlinetype="rxhyperlink" rxinlineslot="103" sys_contentid="158812" sys_dependentid="158812" sys_dependentvariantid="607" sys_folderid="17636" sys_relationshipid="1697509" sys_siteid="" sys_variantid="607">Accommodation Allocation Policy 2016/17</a></p><div class="rx_ephox_inlinevariant" contenteditable="false" inlinetype="rxvariant" rxinlineslot="105" rxselectedtext="" style=" display: inline;" sys_dependentid="95635" sys_dependentvariantid="1697" sys_folderid="" sys_relationshipid="1697519" sys_siteid=""><div class="fileLink"><div class="image"></div><div class="text"><a class="fileImage" href=";sys_variantid=607&amp;sys_revision=2&amp;sys_contentid=95635&amp;sys_context=0" sys_contentid="95635" sys_variantid="607"></a> <a class="$linkClass" href=";sys_variantid=607&amp;sys_revision=2&amp;sys_contentid=95635&amp;sys_context=0" sys_contentid="95635" sys_variantid="607">Staff, Couple &amp; Family Accommodation Policy</a></div></div></div></div>

University Accommodation is provided in and around Guildford for a full academic year (approximately 38 weeks), or a full year (approximately 50 weeks), depending on the course requirements.



  • Full details are in the allocation policy - (link above)
  • This policy is reviewed annually and is subject to change.
  • Accommodation guarantees only extend to unaccompanied students to be allocated single rooms. We are unable to guarantee the availability of accommodation for partners or families.
  • Accommodation guarantees only extend to full year or full academic year, full time students starting in September.
  • We regret that under normal circumstances we are not able to accommodate part time and occasional students, or students undertaking a placement year.
  • Any students who are repeating part of their course (whether oversees course fees or UK/EU course fees) are not guaranteed a place, but may apply as a continuing student.

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