Band A rooms

Our Band A accommodation consists of budget rooms at Stag Hill Court on Stag Hill campus and at Hazel Farm.

Key facts

  • Number of rooms: 172 rooms on Stag Hill campus, 217 rooms at Hazel Farm
  • Single rooms: Yes ✓ (Hazel Farm only)
  • Shared rooms: Yes ✓ (Stag Hill campus only)
  • En-suite shower: No ✗
  • Broadband: Included ✓
  • Belongings insurance: Included ✓
  • Residents parking: Available ✓ (Hazel Farm only)
  • Approximate total room area: 8.1m² (Hazel Farm), 8.8m² (Stag Hill campus)
  • Cost: See the prices and payments page 

We regret it is not possible to select to be allocated to a specific court.

Stag Hill Court

All Band A rooms in Stag Hill Court are split-level shared rooms without washbasins. Though sharing a front door, both occupants have their own space separated by a flight of stairs and there are individual broadband and telephone services for each student.

Two duplex rooms (four students) share a shower room with washbasin and toilet. There is a kitchen close by, shared by ten students.

Hazel Farm

Hazel Farm Band A rooms are all singles without washbasin. There are seven rooms in each two-storey house with a kitchen, shower and two toilets. Hazel Farm comprises purpose-built student housing about 5km from campus. There is a regular free bus service to and from campus. Hazel Farm has parking spaces for residents.

Band A rooms

View floorplans of Band A accommodation.