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Date and Time

Thu 4 May 2017



Admission Free - advance booking recommended.


PATS Studio Theatre

Thursday 4 May, 7pm

National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria presents

Seven actors in their final year at NATFA in Sofia bring this powerful performance to the University of Surrey, a documentary theatre piece . The story is about a girl – Shoshana – whose entire family gets killed by Nazi officer Hans Landa. 3 Years after the murder she falls in love with Nazi soldier Frederic Zoller, who returns her love, when suddenly Landa appears. In that moment Shoshana has the opportunity to kill Landa and she must decide whether to sacrifice her relationship with Zoller and kill Landa or to save her love and not take revenge on her family.

The students have used their own true stories alongside excerpts from an existing script which the director has worked into a scenario.

Other performancesdirected by Blagoy are “How beautiful you are, my darling” with Theatre Replica based on documentary interviews of prostitutes in Sliven’s prison for which he also wrote the scenario. And he is now working on two new projects; the first is called “Bad kids” – a performance about the educational system in Bulgaria. They use an original play by Michaela Michaylov and documentary interviews and stories of students and teachers from several Bulgarian schools. Blagoy is really interested in ways in which documentary theatre can cooperate and integrate with fictional theatre. The second project, which he is preparing now, is about Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian writer and journalist who immigrated to London in 1970. He was famously killed with an umbrella on Waterloo Bridge.

Director Blagoy Boychev
Movement director Stefaniya Georgieva