Current Research Projects

On these pages you will find some of the current and past research projects from the ATI.

Title Investigator
Amorphous Chalcogenide-based optoelectronic platform for next generation optoelectronic technologies Richard J Curry
Charged-Particle Optics of Field Emitters Richard Forbes
Computer Simulation of keV Cluster Interaction with Molecular Solids
Doping Efficiencies and Physisorption of Small Molecules on Graphene David Carey
Electron-phonon coupling in graphene and related materials David Carey
Implanted Bragg gratings in silicon photonics
Laser nanofabricated metal nanoparticles for enhancing electro-optic devices Simon Henley, Ravi Silva
Micro-nucleii as a biodosimetric marker for non-clonogenic cells Karen Kirkby
Optical studies of nanocrystal system Richard J Curry
Organic-inorganic nano-composites for device applications Maxim Shkunov, Ravi Silva
Pulsed laser synthesis of functional nanomaterials Simon Henley, Ravi Silva
Reconstruction of Fowler-Nordheim-type Equations Richard Forbes
Silicon compatible laser for optical computing and optical interconnects Stephen Sweeney
Solution phase synthesis and device fabrication of ZnO nanostructures Simon Henley, Ravi Silva
The interaction of MeV ions with multilayer insulating materials Brian Jones, Roger Webb
Theory of High Electric Field NanoScience Richard Forbes
The performance of carbon nanotubes-polymer composites over the millimetre wave frequency band David Carey
Water transport in cements: A bottom-up approach David Faux, Peter McDonald
Wave-Mechanical Transmission Theory for Approximately Triangular Barriers Richard Forbes

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