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Here are the latest stories from the Advanced Technology Institute and our Research Centres

New method to detect prize particle for future quantum computing

Research published in the journal Nature Communications uncovers a new method to detect Majorana particles, a key element for a next-generation quantum computing platform. 

Read more about the newly-published quantum research on the main Feature page.

Research into bismuth-containing lasers and solar cells featured in EE Times

Conventional semiconductor devices including lasers and solar cells are made of crystals containing elements such as gallium, indium and phosphorous.

Now, Professor Stephen Sweeney, within Surrey’s Department of Physics and Advanced Technology Institute, has discovered that adding the crystalline element bismuth and nitrogen to the mix produces an alloy with improved electronic and optical properties – which can be used to create lasers and solar cells with greater efficiency.

Read more about Professor Sweeney's work on the main Feature page.

ATI researcher awarded prestigious Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship

Dr Richard Curry has won a Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship to fund research that could lead to the development of faster, more efficient electronic devices. 

Read more about Dr Curry's research and award on the main Feature page.

Surrey academic rebuilds the science behind field electron emission

Dr Richard Forbes gives plenary talk at the ‘Tenth International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference’ in St Petersburg, Russia. 

Read more about Dr Forbes' research on the main Feature page.

ATI researcher speaks at first nanoHUB conference

Dr Michail Beliatis was invited to present his research, which uses nanostructures to enable chemical detection and solar cells, to global nanoHUB users. 

Discover more about Dr Beliatis' research on the main Feature page.

ATI and Digital World Research Centre in new augmented paper collaboration

A new project called Light Tags was launched this week (commencing 1 July 2014), funded by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account at Surrey.

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