News Stories from the ATI

Here are the latest stories from the Advanced Technology Institute and our Research Centres.

Job Opportunity - KTP Associate


Prof Silva talks to "The Engineer" about the status of solar cell research

‘Magic flying carpet’ of graphene paves way for future electronics

New research at the ATI could enable the development of fast, energy-efficient circuits not possible using conventional graphene.

ATI researchers on the true status of solar cell technology

Controlling Qubits in Silicon at Picosecond Speeds

Prof Ben Murdin's research featured in IEEE Spectrum.

Carbon nanotube research could enable lighter, faster electric motors

Researchers in the ATI have developed a revolutionary technique for creating large sheets of carbon nanotubes which could completely change the way electric motors are designed. 

Discover more about the research, carried out by a doctoral student at the Centre for Micro- and Nanomaterials and Technologies (MiNMaT) in collaboration with ATI researchers, on the main Feature page.

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