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A new brand, a new focus

Why change our brand?

As the Higher Education sector becomes increasingly competitive, simply being good at what we do is not enough to guarantee success.

We need to be recognised and known for being good at what we do.

A clear brand and visual identity makes it easier to convey who we are and what we’re good at.

Our logo

The logo has been designed to reflect both our strong heritage and our confidence for the future.

The stag is an effective representation of the University: bold, independent and ambitious.

We feel it is a proud symbol of our ability to achieve success through hard work and free-thinking.

We like it. We hope you do too.

Our coat of arms

The coat of arms has not been changed, but the image has been made clearer, sharper and more effective. Used in addition to the logo it is an elegant mark of endorsement that emphasises our reputation and standing.

Our promise

The new brand is not about strap-lines and jargon. It is about expressing our honest desire to provide our students with an advantage in achieving their ambitions.

So that’s our promise – to give our students a competitive edge through a complete education. To give them a degree of certainty in life through a unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience.

Your University, your brand

The new look has tested well with current and prospective students, staff and others.

It is versatile, clean and effective. The new logo, crest and a range of templates are available for members of the University to use.

For further information, please contact:

Andy Blair
Acting Director of Marketing and Market Development



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