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Surrey Business School is home to exceptional academics, many of whom have considerable direct business experience.

Staff publish their research in the top business journals, contribute expert comment through the national press and media, and work with some of the world’s most innovative companies to improve business performance.

Acting Head of School 

Professor Andy Adcroft
Telephone +44 (0) 1483 682007

Senior Staff

Name Role
Professor Andy Adcroft Acting Head Surrey Business School, Head of Department: Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Dr Marco Mongiello Deputy Head Surrey Business School
Professor MariaLaura Di Domenico Deputy Head of Surrey Business School (Research)
Professor Alan Brown Head of Department: Digital Economy
Dr James Aitken Head of Department: Business Transformation & Sustainable Enterprise
Professor Paul Guest Head of Department: Finance and Accounting
Professor Steve Wood Head of Department: Marketing and Retail Management
Professor Stephen Woods Head of Department: People and Organisations
Mrs Abi Bradbeer Business Manager (Surrey Business School)
Ms Erin McLeod Executive Education Manager

Academic Staff

Name Role
Munir Abbasi Senior Research Fellow
Reza Aboutalebi Teaching Fellow
Richard Adams Senior Research Fellow
Filip Agneessens Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Programme Leader for the 4-year PhD in Management
Ayesha Ahmed Research Assistant
James Aitken Head of Department of Business Transformation and Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Chris Akerman Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting
Andrew Alexander Professor of Retail Management
Ioanna Anninou Teaching Fellow in Marketing/ Retail Marketing
Estela Barbosa Teaching Fellow
Sabine Benoit Professor of Marketing
Carla Bonina Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Alan Brown Head of Department: Digital Economy
Raymond Cairo Tutor in Enterprise and Strategy
Juan Carluccio Senior Lecturer in International Trade
Indira Carr Research Professor
Nikolaos Chatzistamoulou Research Fellow
Chris Chu Reader in HRM
Smadar Cohen Lecturer
Rosanna Cole Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise
Zeineb Cox Teaching Fellow
Stephen Dale Teaching Fellow in Law
Manthos Delis Professor (Chair) in Financial Economics and Banking
Luis Diestre Professsor in Strategy
MariaLaura Di Domenico Director of Research and Deputy Head of Surrey Business School (Research)
Rashpal Dhensa-Kahlon Lecturer
Carole Doherty Senior Lecturer in Health Care Management
Jing-Lin Duanmu Senior Lecturer in International Business
Benjamin Eaton Senior Lecturer
Shimaa Elkomy Research Fellow
Masoud Fakhimi Teaching Fellow in Business Transformation
Arne Floh Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Wolfgang Garn Lecturer in Operations Management
Annabelle Gawer Professor in Digital Economy
Panikos Georgallis Lecturer
Alexandra Gerbasi Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Alvina Gillani Teaching Fellow in Marketing and Strategy
Philip Godsiff Senior Research Fellow
Brian Good Teaching Fellow
David Goss Professor of Entrepreneurship
Vikas Grover Teaching Fellow in Management Information Systems
Paul Guest Professor of Accounting and Finance, Head of Department: Finance and Accounting
Heidi Hazeu Professional Development and Employability Tutor
YingFei Héliot Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour
Jane Hemsley-Brown Professor
Jane Hendy Senior Lecturer in Health Care Management and Head of Doctoral Programmes for Health Care Management and Policy
Gavin Hilson Chair of Sustainability in Business
Samuel Hinds Tutor in Accounting
William Hinton Research Fellow / Epidemiologist
Monica Hope Teaching Fellow in Retailing and Marketing
Yuanyuan Huo Lecturer
Ilke Inceoglu Associate Dean (Research) and Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
Maria Iosifidi Lecturer in Financial Economics
Nikolaos Karampatsas Lecturer in Finance
Ioannis Laliotis Research Fellow
William Lanham-New Teaching Fellow
Zicheng Lei Lecturer in Finance and Accounting
Andrew Mason Lecturer in Finance
Roger Maull  Professor of Management Systems
Christos P. Mavis Lecturer in Finance and Accounting
Jacqueline McCartney Senior Teaching Fellow in Finance
Vicky Milligan Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting
Milosz Miszczynski Research Fellow
Davide Morelli Research Fellow
Zahra Murad Research Fellow
Jill Nurse Teaching Fellow
Sarmistha Pal Chair in Financial Economics
Dimitris Petmezas Chair in Finance
David Plans Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Christine Rivers Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing, Director of Post Graduate Studies, MBA Programme Director
Peter Robinson Senior Teaching Fellow in Operations Management
Brian Ross Teaching Fellow
Eugene Sadler-Smith Professor of Organizational Behaviour
Suman Saha Teaching Fellow, Programme Director: MSc International Business Management
Juan Santaló Professor in Strategy
Mariarosa Scarlata Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
James Sears Senior Tutor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Anastasios Siampos Teaching Fellow
Adedeji Sotunde Teaching Fellow
Georgia Stavraki Teaching Fellow
Lampros Stergioulas Professor in Business Analytics
Travis Street Teaching Fellow (Entrepreneurship)
Vurain Tabvuma Senior Lecturer in OB/HRM
Christoph Teller Chair in Retailing and Marketing
Geoff Thomas Professor of Organisational Psychology
Nikolaos Travlos Professor of Finance and Accounting
Veronica Veleanu Lecturer in Financial Economics
Jean Wang Teaching Fellow (International Management)
Mark Williams Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
Rafal Wojakowski Reader in Finance
Steve Wood Professor of Retail Marketing and Management, Head of Department: Marketing, Retail and International Business
Stephen Woods Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology Head of Department: People and Organizations
Xinzhong Xu Professor of Finance
Ying Zhou Lecturer in HRM

Associate Staff

Name Role
Rebekah Ashdown Associate Tutor
Marion Bennett Associate Lecturer
Susan Bishop Associate Tutor
Jane Caswell Associate Tutor in Management
Rachel Louise Duthie Associate Tutor
Mary Nolan Associate Tutor
Tom Pape KTP Associate (Surrey County Council)
Tracy Robinson Associate Tutor
Jane Vessey Associate Tutor

Emeritus Staff

Name Role
David Clifford Gilbert Emeritus Professor of Marketing

Overseas Teaching Staff

Name Role
Waquar Ahmad Lecturer in Finance and Accounting
Jashim Khan Lecturer in Marketing

Research Staff

Name Role
Megan Beynon Senior Research Fellow
Kris Henley Project Officer
Frances Lumbers CREDIT Project Officer
Cathy Mulligan Senior Research Fellow
Ben Shenoy Senior Research Fellow

Research Students

Name Role
Mohammad Abdullah PhD student
Makzom Abudher PhD student
Nouf Alharbi PhD student
Mona Aljuwair PhD student
Aflah Al Shaqsi PhD student
Olaf Appel PhD student
Vita Akstinaite PhD student
Julia Bartels DBA student
Katharine (Polly) Black PhD student
Daniel Boos PhD student
Nigel Burnell PhD student
Heather Cairns-Lee PhD student
Lara Carminati PhD student
Denise Chaffer PhD student
Helen Christmann PhD student
Richard Churches PhD student
Paul Cowan PhD student
Suleman Dauda PhD student
Tosan Edamatie PhD student 
Yang Fang PhD student
Nandita Farhad PhD student
Ursula Furnier PhD student
Angelique Gatsinzi PhD Student
Fabrice Gerdes DBA student
Hussain Hamed PhD student
Nicolas Hawkins PhD student
Samraa Hussain PhD student 
Cassandra Jones PhD student
Sibilla Kawala-Bulas DBA student 
Amanda Lee PhD student
Soheila Malekpourkolbadinejad PhD student
Sanju Mathew PhD student 
Mojdeh Mehrganrad PhD student
Nathan McNamee PhD student
James McQuilken PhD Student
Marco Nerino PhD student
Panagiotis Papadopoulos PhD student
Dimitra Pappa PhD student
Panagiotis Politsidis PhD student
Iman Roozbeh PhD student 
Zoya Saher PhD student
Martin Schreiner DBA student
Ebrahim Shariatzadeh PhD Student
Anahita Tagi-Ganji PhD student
Oludayo Taiwo PhD student
Lin Tian PhD student
Francisco Trincado Munoz PhD student
Derek Williamson PhD student
Filipe Worsdell PhD student
Tim Wray PhD student
Barbara Zesik DBA student
Song Zhang PhD student
Chen Zhao PhD student

Visiting Staff

Name Role
Mr Bill Payne Visiting Professor
Mr Bryan Roberts Visiting Fellow
Dr Christopher J. Ibbott Visiting Professor
Dr David Dent Visiting Professor
Professor David Knoke Visiting Professor
Dr Graham Robinson Visiting Senior Fellow
Dr. Iain Watson Visiting Fellow
Dr Mark Thompson Visiting Professor
Mr Martin Millar Visiting Fellow
Dr Paul Stone Visiting Professor
Mr Roger Camrass Visiting Professor
Dr Sally Howes Visiting Professor

Administrative Staff

Name Role
Miss Maria Bamidi School Administrator (Surrey Business School)
Mrs Abi Bradbeer Business Manager (Surrey Business School)
Miss Victoria Cox Faculty Marketing Manager
Mr Fabio Della Valle Project Administrative Officer
Mrs Louise Duncton Assessment Manager (FASS)
Mrs Deborah Edwards Administrative Officer (Exchange)
Mr Gary Gould Student Administration Manager
Mr Philip James Digital Content Coordinator
Mr Simon Johnson Senior Administrative Officer (Exchange)
Miss Sue Jones Administrative Officer (Assessments: DUFE, Hand-ins, EC Advice)
Ms Siobhan Neveling MBA Development Officer
Mrs Chris Rzechorzek Travel Coordinator and Assistant to Professor Andrew Lockwood
Ms Eleanor Sangwine-Shirley Rankings and Accreditations Officer
Mrs Donna Shanks School Administrator (Surrey Business School)
Ms Pina Stamp Administrative Assistant
Miss Coreen Tucker Administrative Officer (Assessments: Law, Politics & MBA)

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