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Executive education

Our executive education programmes are devised and taught by our forward-thinking academics alongside leading industry practitioners.

Most of our executive education is delivered on campus, in our well-resourced teaching rooms.

Open programmes

We are currently developing a new Leadership Development Series with more open programmes and one-day courses. Details of more upcoming courses will be available soon.

Leading Through Networks, 28 June 2017 9am - 6pm

1 day masterclass:

Based on the latest research from the Surrey Business School Centre for Leadership and Decision Making, this interactive, practical session will help delegates gain a better understanding of the importance of networks; how effective or ineffective their current working relationships are; and what can be done to improve them.

Designed for senior leaders with complex managerial responsibilities who are interested in exploring how to improve their individual and organisational effectiveness through understanding and improving their internal and external networks. 

What topics will be covered?

  • The importance of strong networks to successful organisations
  • Understanding your own formal and informal networks
  • Building effective networks through developing trusting, supportive relationships
  • The impact of negative relationships and how to avoid them

Including practical exercises, worked examples, group discussions and individually tailored diagnostics alongside the latest research.

Led by Professor Alexandra Gerbasi, Director of Surrey Business School’s Centre for Leadership and Decision Making, with Jon Teckman, Senior Teaching Fellow at Surrey Business School and a former Chief Executive of the British Film Institute.


£500.00 per delegate

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Podcast with Professor Alexandra Gerbasi introducing topics surrounding networks within organisations

Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice, 28 September 2017 9am - 6pm

1 day masterclass:

Drawing on the latest research and best practice in this area, internationally renowned expert Professor Hannes Leroy of the Rotterdam School of Management will reveal some of the scientific answers to these typical questions about mindfulness and lead participants through a series of simple, easy-to-use exercises to translate theory into practice.

What topics will be covered?

  • What being mindful really means
  • How mindfulness can be used to improve staff well-being and engagement
  • Applying mindfulness to improve creativity, innovation and intrapreneurship
  • Emotional Intelligent leadership and how it can be deployed to improve motivation, including giving more beneficial feedback

Participants will leave the session with practical tools for developing mindfulness for themselves as leaders and for their organisations.

Everybody is talking about “mindfulness” these days, but what does it actually mean? Is it just another new-age buzz word that has nothing to do with your day to day work? Or is it an approach that can be of real benefit to you and your organisation? What if reflection and meditation are not your thing – can one be mindful without mindfulness? And can mindfulness also hurt under certain circumstances?


£500.00 per delegate

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Podcast with Professor Hannes Leroy and Surrey Business School's Centre for Leadership and Decision Making

Bespoke programmes

Surrey Business School offers tailor-made learning for business and the public sector across a broad range of subjects.

Recent programmes have seen us sharing our expertise in change management, business model innovation, entrepreneurship, the digital economy and organisational agility.

Delivery can range from one-day workshops to year-long, module-based programmes.

Feedback from delegates

‘‘My team are going through a significant period of change. I have found the course really valuable from a practical application point of view and it has given me increased confidence in handling this transition.”

“All of it was useful. It has given an overall 'feel' for digital business improvements and has helped my confidence in that area.”

 “The quality of the teaching staff from Surrey University was consistently high, being able to draw on both academic and industry experience and share and engage with the group effectively.”

- Delegates from the 2015 cohort of 'Strategic Management and Service Delivery in a Digital Economy'


 If you would like to enquire about our bespoke or open programmes, please contact:

Erin McLeod, Executive Education Manager

E: T: +44 (0)1483 68 6320

M: +44 (0)7814 896794