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The Department of People and Organizations conduct world-leading research in our core areas of leadership and decision making, organizational and HRM assessment, and quality of working life. We apply our research in our work with students and businesses to develop the next generation of evidence-based leaders and practitioners. In recent years, the Department has received research funding from bodies such as the ESRC, EPSRC, the Daedelus Foundation, EACEA, HEPCE, KTPs and SEEDA.


Research interests

Leadership and Decision Making

Leadership and decision making are key areas of expertise in the Department. Our world-leading research is applied in our work with students and executive clients:

  • Leader-member exchange and relational perspectives on leadership
  • Hubris in leadership behaviour
  • Intuition, decision making and judgment
  • Personality and leadership behaviour
  • The role of leadership in creating positive and rewarding jobs

Organizational and HR Assessment

Members of the Department have advanced technical expertise on individual differences, and all forms of psychometric and survey-based assessment for business, which we apply in published research and projects with organizations:

  • Personality assessment and development
  • Assessment for recruitment and selection
  • Employee motivation and performance measurement
  • Survey design
  • Analysis of HR metrics and data

Quality of Working Life

Our faculty in this area represent rich and diverse perspectives on the quality of people’s working lives, encompassing psychological, sociological, organizational behaviour and management approaches:

  • Pay and reward
  • Work-family interface
  • Job satisfaction, motivation, and engagement
  • Socio-demography of work

Thinking Space

Each month, the Department come together for our innovative Thinking Space, an opportunity for all to hear about research of group members and others, and discuss openly and creatively.

For more information, contact Dr YingFei Heliot.

Department of People and Organisations Members

Head of Department

Name Role Phone Email Room
Professor Stephen Woods Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology Head of Department: People and Organizations 01483 68 6731 43 MS 03

Deputy Head of Department

Name Role Phone Email Room
Mr Stephen Dale Teaching Fellow in Law 01483 68 6366 46 MS 03

Academic Staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Dr Filip Agneessens Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Programme Leader for the 4-year PhD in Management 01483 68 2557 52 MS 03
Dr Alexandra Bristow Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour 01483 68 6349 51 MS 03
Dr Chris Chu Reader in HRM 01483 68 2013 45 MS 03
Dr Alf Crossman Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations and HRM 01483 68 2006 44 MS 03
Dr Julie Gore Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour 01483 68 6375 60 MS 03
Dr YingFei Héliot Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour 01483 68 2121 49 MS 03
Dr Ilke Inceoglu Associate Dean (Research) and Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management  01483 68 2018 59 MS 03
Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith Professor of Organizational Behaviour 01483 68 3101 55 MS 03
Professor Mark Saunders Professor in Business Research Methods 01483 68 6731 43 MS 03
Dr Vurain Tabvuma Senior Lecturer in OB/HRM 01483 68 6359 47 MS 03
Professor Geoff Thomas Professor of Organisational Psychology 01483 68 9754 04 MS 03
Dr Paul Tosey Senior Lecturer in Management and Head of Doctoral Programmes for Business and Management 01483 68 9763 53 MS 03
Dr Mark Williams Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations    
Dr Ying Zhou Lecturer in HRM 01483 68 6344 50 MS 03

Research Students

Name Role Phone Email Room
Mr Mohammad Abdullah Postgraduate (PhD) Student    
Mr Aflah Al Shaqsi Postgraduate (PhD) Student    
Mrs Heather Cairns-Lee Postgraduate (PhD) Student    
Dr Jonathan Chocqueel-Mangan Postgraduate (DBA) Student    
Mr Richard Churches Postgraduate (PhD) Student    
Ms Nandita Farhad Postgraduate (PhD) Student    
Ms Neve Isaeva Postgraduate (PhD) Student    
Mrs Amanda Lee Postgraduate (PhD) Student    
Mr Des Williamson Postgraduate (PhD) Student    

Research Centres

The Hubris Project

Businesses need to understand hubris and be able to avoid its perils and pitfalls. For this reason the University of Surrey has established The Hubris Project.

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