Licensing Opportunities

The Technology Transfer Office in Research & Enterprise Support offers you access to the University of Surrey's intellectual property. Our aim is to protect the innovative research going on at the University and then commercialise it, whether through a spin-out or license out to industry. 

We are keen build relationships with potential licensees, commercial partners and investors who are interested in our technologies. Through these links we hope to progress our research and eventually see it having an impact in the commercial world.

Below is a list of our technologies available for license and developmental partnership.

Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences

Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences


Acoustic Source Separation in Real Time 

This technology provides real-time separation and localisation of simultaneously active sound sources and can be used in practically all applications where separating and listening to individual sound sources or removing unwanted sounds is needed. Sound sources can be isolated for individual reproduction or suppression in the presence of noise and other interfering sounds.

For more information please view the Summary page.

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Antimicrobial Animal Bedding for Agricultural and Domestic Use 

Naturally occurring product that provides a cheap and safe way of preventing growth of pathogens and production of ammonia and bacteria which cause bedding to smell. In poultry housing it will significantly improve animal welfare and help the farms meet new stricter legislation on the release of ammonia. In domestic use it will help prevent unpleasant odours.

For more details please contact Jonathan Hodrien

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Carbon Nanotube Layer for Improving the Efficiency of Organic Semiconductors and Improved Methods of Producing Semiconductor Devices 

This is a platform technology for organic optoelectronic devices (OLED's) and photovoltaics and can be used with a variety of organic layers to improve efficiency.

For more information please contact Uduak Koka

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GNSS/GPS Receiver Algorithm - Fail Safe for Safety of Life and other Critical Applications 

This technology is for tracking Binary Offset Carrier (BOC) and Multiplexed BOC (MBOC) navigation signals planned for the US modernised GPS and the European Galileo satellite navigation systems. This is the only method that truly avoids false lock onto the GPS signal so has application s in safety of life and other critical applications.

For more information please contact Martyn Buxton-Hoare

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Hydrogel based Molecularly Imprinted Polymers 

Scientists from the University of Surrey and Imperial College London have come up with an invention which uses hydrogel based molecularly imprinted polymers (HydroMIPs) for protein crystallization, providing a higher yield of protein crystals over current techniques. This method also works with protein structures that are difficult to crystallise using other methods.

For more information please visit the Summary Page.

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Prostate Cancer Urine Biomarker 

A new protein biomarker has been discovered which is found in the urine of prostate cancer patients. It is proposed that this biomarker be used as the basis for a diagnostic test.

For more information please open the Summary Sheet.

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Residual Antimicrobial Compounds - can be Used on Food and Surfaces 

A new naturally occurring antimicrobial mixture of that is safe to use and has a residual effect when applied to food and surfaces. Applications include hospital infection control (for MRSA etc.), prevention of fruit spoilage, general uses in industry and around the home etc.

For more details please contact Jonathan Hodrien

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