Case Studies

Case Studies on projects funded by the University's Impact Acceleration Account:

Biologically Inspired Information Fusion

Could understanding the evolution of our senses be the key to producing CCTV systems that can automatically distinguish between harmless movements and potential threats? The University of Surrey’s Department of Computing is using its EPSRC-funded research to help Waterfall Solutions Ltd find out. Read more...

Early Screening for Oral Cancer

Despite some advances in detection technology and treatment methods, the survival rate for sufferers of the most common oral cancer (oral squamous cell carcinoma, or OSCC) is still alarmingly low. Approximately 50 per cent of patients die within five years of diagnosis. Read more...

Improving Speech Intelligibility

People who are hard-of-hearing have difficulty picking out specific sounds from background noise. Consequently they may be unable to hear or understand speech, which can lead to feelings of isolation. Read more...

Understanding the Dynamics of Real Faces

Despite advances in visual effects, animators are still challenged by ‘digital double faces’. This is where animation, modelled in 3D, is superimposed onto footage of a real actor to create a realistic, moving animated face. Read more...


Computerised animation has come a long way in a relatively short time, but the graphics in modern computer games are not always as sophisticated as they seem. Because of the challenges involved in realistic animation, many character movements are actually just pre-stored sequences linked together when the computer is given a command. Read more...

Eyes on the Prize

A common complication of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy (DR), an eye disease that is one of the major causes of blindness for adults under the age of 65. Diabetic retinopathy is a progressive condition, so diagnosing it at early stages provides time to treat the disease and to allow for maintenance of good vision. Read More...

Better tests, better results

Advanced drug development is a high-skill, high-wage industry, but it’s also an expensive and highly competitive business. Many promising drugs prove toxic when they are broken down in the liver, so it is important to investigate this as early in the drug-development process as possible with a cheap and reliable test that does not involved animal testing. Read more...

SP-ARK: the Sally Potter Archive

The UK’s creative industries are a genuine success story, employing two million people and contributing £60bn to the economy each year (or 7.3 percent of UK GDP). Read more...

Gunshot Residue Analysis

How can we help to show that a person suspected of gun crime is associated with the use of firearms? Read more...

Reflected Glory

Digital technology has created a quiet revolution in cinemas. While we stare at the actors and munch our popcorn much as we have always done, the changes behind the scenes have been quite giddying. Read more...

Managing Space and Time

For most organisations, activities no longer take place solely in one centralised physical space. Staff, property, premises and transactions are now routinely spread across countries, continents, even the world, with much of their interaction taking place online. Read more...

Cleaner, quicker, textured coatings

As consumers and non-specialists, we may not pay much attention to polymer coatings. But they are everywhere, and the industry is worth an estimated $100bn per year. That’s a lot of objects with a coating on them. Read more...

Exploiting techniques for thermal measurements on photonic and electronic devices

Traditional electric light sources account for a fifth of the energy currently used worldwide, and also contain dangerous pollutants such as mercury. This has driven the development of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a replacement, but future uptake of LED-based solid-state lighting is limited by issues connected to heating and cost. Read more...

Help across the businesses community to improve: Carbon Credentials

One of the great problems facing business and industry is how to minimise energy usage and carbon emissions in a way that improves financial performance. Read more...

Low carbon, high ambitions

Pro Enviro Ltd is a consultancy that specialises in low-carbon technologies, low-carbon skills and resource efficiency. It assesses the policies, strategies and skills that companies need to progress towards efficiency through low-carbon operation. Read more...

Lighten up

It has been estimated that a mere 1kg reduction in the mass of an aircraft panel can lead to a €1.5m-€2m saving on fuel, based on today’s prices. But how can weight reductions be achieved when the aerospace industry is already using advanced composite materials, and what are the safety implications of making aircraft from even lighter materials? Read more...

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