Getting Started

There are several ways in which the Employability & Careers Centre can help you if you are undecided about your future career.

First of all, it may help to speak to a Careers Adviser. You could have a confidential discussion which could help you to sort things out or at least make a start.

Advisers do not direct you along a certain path but instead help you, depending on your own needs, with any of the following: Reflect upon your interests, skills, values, personality or circumstances in order to understand yourself better; suggest possible careers which might suit you; suggest ways in which you might obtain relevant or useful information; compare different options.

You could also come along to one of our regular Quick Query Sessions where you can speak to a careers adviser for up to 15 minutes. These sessions are run on a first come, first served basis.

Another option is to register to use Prospects Planner. This will help you to quantify your skills, interests and so on. It's a great way to get ideas. Another useful site with practical exercises to help you assess yourself and make career decisions and plans is available at

We run two workshops during the Autumn Term which might help you. 'Getting Started' will help you to reflect upon your skills, values and interests and show you how to relate these to suitable careers. 'Personality and Career Choice' involves taking a Myers Briggs Type Indicator test to help you to relate personal preference to possible career options. You can find details of when these workshops are running by going to the What's On page. You can also book an appointment to go through the activities from these workshops individually with an adviser.

Students choose degree courses for many different reasons. For some it is seen as part of the process towards getting a particular job. For others, it is the best way of finding out more about a subject which interests them. Some aren't even sure why they choose their degree and may even wish they hadn't.

The good news is that your time as a student can be used in a very positive way to help you with your next step. The knowledge you have learned, the skills you have gained, the personal qualities you have developed can all be influential in helping you make a decision about the next step. It may also interest you to know that there are several hundred jobs which graduates can do. So even though you feel stuck at the moment, there is almost certainly something out there which would suit you.

The Employability & Careers Centre is definitely the place to go to get help if you are stuck. Please watch Using your Careers Service video or look for more information about what's involved in a guidance interview with a Careers Adviser in our Guidance Interview page.

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