Finance And Funding

  • Finance for PG study is not automatic. You may get offered a place but be asked to provide your own finance.
  • Always write to the course provider in the first instance who will tell you whether financial support is available.
  • Funding, if you are offered it, consists usually of payment of fees and a grant to cover living expenses.
  • Use the Postgraduate Funding Guide in the Careers Service to check your likely source. This will at least help you to know whether you would be eligible for funding from a particular grant-awarding body.
  • Applications, in the first instance, are always for the course in which you are interested. The procedure for obtaining finance follows after you have been accepted.
  • If you are not offered a grant, there are other possible sources of finance. These include institutional studentships, scholarships and awards, research assistantships, Career Development Loans and trusts and charities. Details are available in the Careers Service.
  • You could also consider studying part-time since this will spread the fee payment over a longer period and may enable you to support yourself through simultaneous employment.

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