Careers & Placements Fair

Fair 2015 Guide

When: Wednesday 12th October 2016

Time: 11am until 3pm.

Where: PATS Playing Field Marquee


To find out which employers are registered to attend the 2016 Fair, please see the column on the right. To find out more about the individual organisations, please select the appropriate alphabetical link from the list below:

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The Autumn Careers and Placements Fair at Surrey is the biggest event in the Employability and Careers Centre's  year.

An exciting opportunity for students and graduate employers to meet and to network, the Fair creates an informal, friendly space for you to kick-start your career journey, explore options and ask questions of representatives of companies with an active interest in Surrey graduates. 

It provides an excellent chance to practise networking skills and broaden your career horizons, whatever your degree and current career thoughts.

Employers: for more information about our Fairs, please click here.

With thanks to CareerPlayer: graduate jobs & career advice on video


Some top tips:

Even if your favoured employer is not present, the Fair will help you to:

Practise talking to recruiters 

You are unlikely to be offered an interview but talking to prospective employers about graduate appointments can help to build your confidence.

Expand your network 

Meeting recruiters and often Surrey graduates from previous years helps you build useful contacts for future reference.

Learn industry information 

Speaking to recruitment professionals in your chosen sector is a great way to learn about the industry.

Gather information about companies 

Investigating the kind of positions offered by a company tells you a lot about that organisation as a whole. This can be invaluable during the recruitment process and shows a commitment that will impress future employers.

Some questions to get you started:

• What is the company culture?
• Why did you choose this company?
• Are continuing education and professional development important to the organisation?
• How much guidance would I get in planning my career?
• What would be a typical progression for a graduate?
• What do you enjoy most about working here?
• What would the day-to-day responsibilities be?
• What is the company’s management style?
• What kind of work could I expect in my first year?
• Questions based on things you have seen on the company website.

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