CPD Opportunities

We aim to promote and support an institutional culture of excellence in Learning and Teaching by working collaboratively with faculties and central university staff to enhance academic practice in a way that is relevant to disciplines and suits student needs.  The programmes described below are examples of what we offer, and the team welcomes opportunities to tailor these to departmental or faculty requirements and to support departmental projects and individual academics on special issues.

Examples of tailored sessions include:

  1. Programmes to support associate tutors new to teaching and learning in Higher Education
  2. Individual consultations on issues arising from doctoral supervision
  3. Refresh your module – individual consultations for a module makeover
  4. Individual or small group help for international academics on working in spoken or written English (can be arranged in concert with LTS).

Academic Development Courses

Advanced Practice – Learning and Teaching in HE

This is an action learning programme for experienced academics.  It will

  1. Provide an opportunity for participants to self assess their knowledge about learning and teaching theories
  2. Create a safe space for participants to share concerns about learning and teaching
  3. Encourage the linking of teaching and learning experiences to theoretical advances
  4. Enable participants to engage in projects and keep records that will support recognised continuing professional development

There will be at least three Wednesday lunch-time sessions per term. 

Challenges in Assessment and Feedback

This half-day session (including lunch) will outline the range of possible assessment activities, look at the use of different assessment criteria and review ways of giving feedback to students.  It will examine various student evaluation data and enable reflection on the opportunities for enhancing the student experience whilst meeting the challenges of working with student groups of differing sizes and abilities.  Issues about marking and giving feedback to non-native speakers will also be addressed. 
Tutors: Members of CEAD, LTS and CEAD Scholars

Principles of module design

This workshop on curriculum design will run from 10 am – 3.30 pm and is for those new to module leadership as well as for those wanting to refresh their modules.  It will cover:

  1. Using level descriptors
  2. Different approaches to designing modules (including: learning outcomes, methods of covering content, research-based curriculum, constructive alignment, meeting the requirements of professional bodies, meeting students’ needs, identifying appropriate learning technologies, options for assessment and evaluation)
  3. Creating teams to design and deliver modules (including the use of associate tutors).

Participants are asked to bring examples of modules that they would like to review to the workshop. 
This programme is also particularly suitable for module teams and can be run for individual departments or teams.
Tutors:  Dr Liz Smith, Dr Simon Lygo-Baker and Vicki Simpson (CEAD)

Designing out Plagiarism

This half-day workshop will:

  1. Look at examples of students’ work to clarify what is and what is not plagiarism.
  2. Explore the reasons behind the work that students do which is construed as plagiarising
  3. Review the sources of information available to inform students’ practice
  4. Summarise the relevant procedures at the University of Surrey
  5. Examine how we can encourage peer learning and a social constructivist approach to learning whilst ensuring that students submit original work 
  6. Look at research on good learning design in the context of: curriculum design, teaching and learning plans, and assessment strategy

There will be an opportunity during the workshop to debate policy, procedures and case studies.

Enquiry-based learning

A half-day workshop

Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) offers an approach to engaging students actively in classroom learning.  However, the capacity of students to take charge of their learning needs to be built up in a way that promotes increasing confidence and supports reflection on learning.  Similarly, teachers benefit from being supported as they begin to experiment with introducing more student-centred approaches in the classroom.  This workshop will provide an introduction to enquiry-based learning and review the different approaches to facilitation which the academic can use. 
Tutors:  Dr Liz Smith 

Evaluating the impact of teaching and projects

A half day workshop that looks at different ways of evaluating our teaching; the advantages and disadvantages of getting student feedback on how students experience our teaching and how to handle the information we are given.  The workshop also looks at how we can use information from students to manage expectations from the start of a programme.  Data from student evaluation instruments used across the university will be available for discussion and exploration.
Tutors:  Members of CEAD and CEAD Scholars

The Experienced Practitioner

A new programme for experienced academics who have not had the opportunity of recently participating in the PGCAP.  It will cover the latest research and good practice in learning and teaching in Higher Education.

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