Book Release: Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology

‘Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology’ has now been published by Springer as an open access e-book, available at online here, and is also available for purchase in a printed version. The book takes stock of where industrial ecology has got to and its prospects for the future. Edited by Roland Clift and Angela Druckman, it is intended as a useful resource for students, researchers and practitioners. Each chapter is written by an expert in their field, drawn from academia, industry and governance. The plenary speakers and panellists at the conference are drawn from the contributors to the book.

The content is as follows:

Introduction: Roland Clift and Angela Druckman
Foreword: Tim Jackson

Part A: State-of-the-art and discussions of research issues

A1 Tom Graedel and Reid Lifset: Industrial Ecology’s First Decade
A2 Stefan Pauliuk and Edgar Hertwich: Prospective Models of Society’s Future Metabolism
A3 Jeroen Guinée: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: what is it and what are its challenges?
A4 Chris Kennedy: Industrial Ecology and Cities
A5 Marian Chertow and Jooyoung Park: Scholarship and Practice in Industrial Symbiosis: 1989-2014
A6 Tim Baynes and Daniel Mueller: A Socio-Economic Metabolism Approach to Sustainable Development and Climate Change Mitigation
A7 Walter Stahel and Roland Clift: Stocks and flows in the performance economy
A8 Thomas Wiedmann: Impacts embodied in global trade flows
A9 Angela Druckman and Tim Jackson: Understanding households as drivers of carbon emissions
A10 Marlyne Sahakian: The social and solidarity economy: why is it relevant to industrial ecology?
A11 Megha Shenoy: Industrial Ecology in Developing Countries
A12 Yuichi Moriguchi and Seiji Hashimoto: Material Flow Analysis and Waste Management

Part B. Case studies and examples of the application of industrial ecology approaches.

B1 Julie Hill: Circular Economy and the Policy Landscape in the UK
B2 Paulo Ferrao, António Lorena & Paulo Ribeiro: Industrial Ecology and Portugal’s national waste plans
B3 Sarah Sim, Henry King, Edward Price: The role of science in shaping sustainable business: Unilever case study
B4 Kieren Mayers: Practical implications of product-based environmental legislation
B5 Kirstie McIntyre and John A. Ortiz: Multinational corporations and the circular economy: how Hewlett Packard scales innovation and technology in its supply chain
B6 Roland Geyer: The Industrial Ecology of the automobile
B7 Malcolm Bailey and Andrew Gadd: Quantifying the potential of Industrial Symbiosis - the LOCIMAP project, with Applications in the Humber Region

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