Professor Stephen Morse

Research Interests

  • Partnerships in sustainable development (including the role of faith based groups)
  • Methodologies for stakeholder participation in sustainable development
  • Methodologies for assessing sustainability, including indices and indicators
  • Natural resource and environmental management
  • Agricultural/rural development (including sustainability indicators, sustainable livelihood analysis, integrated pest management, microfinance and the impacts of new technologies such as conventional and genetically modified crop varieties)

Research Collaborations

  • EU Framework 7 project (POINT) exploring the policy use of indicators in sustainable development and some key sectors (transport, energy and agriculture) with a number of partners throughout Europe.
  • ESRC funded project entitled 'Analysing partnership in aid chains: A Catholic Church case study’.
  • EU DG Environment funded project entitled 'Assessment of the economic performance of genetically modified crops worldwide'.
  • DFID Research Into Use project on up-scaling sustainable seed yam production systems in West Africa
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project entitled 'Yam Improvement for Income and Food security in West Africa' (YIIFSWA)
  • EU Framework 7 project entitle 'Servicizing Policy for Resource Efficient Economy' (SPREE)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project entitled 'Positive Selection and Community  Phytosanitation for Improved  Quality of Farmer-saved Seed Yam in West Africa' (CAY-SEED)


Module convenor for the 'Sustainable Development Applications' module

Contributions to the MSc modules 'Foundations of Sustainable Development' and 'Environment, Science and Society'

Dissertation supervision at masters level.


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (FRSB)

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 6079

Find me on campus
Room: 12 BA 02


Journal Papers (2015 to present)

Morse S and McNamara N. Fostering entrepreneurship to help provide a sustainable clean seed yam production system in flood prone areas of Idah, Kogi State, Nigeria. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (in press).

Morse S. What you see is news: press reporting of Bt maize and Bt cotton between 1996 and 2015. Outlook on Agriculture (in press)

Chenoweth J, Lopez-Aviles A, Morse S and Druckman A. Water consumption and subjective wellbeing: An analysis of British households. Ecological Economics (in press).

Nualnoom P, Wehrmeyer, W and Morse S. Analyzing household decision making on oil palm production in Thailand. Journal of Land Use Science (in press).

Morse S. and McNamara N. Impact of the Adapted Yam Minisett Technique on ware yam (Dioscorea rotundata) production under farmer-managed conditions in Nigeria. Experimental Agriculture (in press).

Zhang D, Morse, S and Li B. Risk management of Chinese food companies; a management perspective. Journal of Risk Research (in press).

Chenoweth J, López-Avilés A, Druckman, A and Morse S (2016). Options for Reducing Household Water Use in the UK: The Potential of Servicized Systems. Built Environment 42(2), 294-305

Bell, S, Berg T. and Morse S (2016). Rich Pictures: Sustainable Development and Stakeholders – The Benefits of Content Analysis. Sustainable Development 24(2), 136-148.

Morse S. (2016). They can read all about it: An analysis of global newspaper reporting of genetically modified crop varieties between 1996 and 2013. Outlook on Agriculture 45(1), 7-17.

Morse S. (2016). Measuring the success of sustainable development indices in terms of reporting by the global press. Social Indicators Research 125, 359–375.

Miah JH, Griffiths A, McNeill R, Poonaji I, Martin R, Leiser A, Morse S, Yang A, and Sadhukhan J. (2015). Maximising the recovery of low grade heat: An integrated heat integration framework incorporating heat pump intervention for simple and complex factories. Applied Energy 160, 172–184

Kleemann R, Chenoweth J, Clift R, Morse S, Pearce P and Saroj D. (2015). Evaluation of local and national effects of recovering phosphorus at wastewater treatment plants: Lessons learned from the UK. Resources, Conservation & Recycling 105, 347–359

Miah JH, Griffiths A, McNeill R, Poonaji I, Martin R, Morse S, Yang G, and Sadhukhan J. (2015). A small-scale transdisciplinary process to maximising the energy efficiency of food factories: insights and recommendations from the development of a novel heat integration framework. Sustainability Science 10(4), 621–637.

Morse S. (2015). Developing sustainability indicators and indices. Sustainable Development 23(2), 84–95

Morse S and McNamara N. (2015). The Adapted Yam Minisett Technique for producing clean seed yams (Dioscorea rotundata): Agronomic performance and varietal differences under farmer-managed conditions in Nigeria. Experimental Agriculture 51(3), 467-482

Al Zadjali S, Morse S, Chenoweth J and Deadman M (2015). Personal safety issues related to the use of pesticides in agricultural production in the Al-Batinah region of Northern Oman. Science of the Total Environment 502, 457–461

Zhang D, Gao Y and Morse S. (2015). Corporate social responsibility and food risk management in China; a management perspective. Food Control 49, 2–10.


Bell, S, Berg T and Morse S. (2016). Rich Pictures: Encouraging Resilient Communities (Earthscan Tools for Community Planning). Routledge, London. ISBN-10: 1138898724 ISBN-13: 978-1138898721

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