Professor Stephen Morse

Research Interests

  • Partnerships in sustainable development (including the role of faith based groups)
  • Methodologies for stakeholder participation in sustainable development
  • Methodologies for assessing sustainability, including indices and indicators
  • Natural resource and environmental management
  • Agricultural/rural development (including sustainability indicators, sustainable livelihood analysis, integrated pest management, microfinance and the impacts of new technologies such as conventional and genetically modified crop varieties)

Research Collaborations

  • EU Framework 7 project (POINT) exploring the policy use of indicators in sustainable development and some key sectors (transport, energy and agriculture) with a number of partners throughout Europe.
  • ESRC funded project entitled 'Analysing partnership in aid chains: A Catholic Church case study’.
  • EU DG Environment funded project entitled 'Assessment of the economic performance of genetically modified crops worldwide'.
  • DFID Research Into Use project on up-scaling sustainable seed yam production systems in West Africa
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project entitled 'Yam Improvement for Income and Food security in West Africa' (YIIFSWA)
  • EU Framework 7 project entitle 'Servicizing Policy for Resource Efficient Economy' (SPREE)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foudnation project entitled 'Positive Selection and Community  Phytosanitation for Improved  Quality of Farmer-saved Seed Yam in West Africa' (CAY)


Teaching sustainability to first year undergraduate Chemical Engineering students. 

Contributions to the MSc modules 'Sustainable Development Applications', 'Foundations of Sustainable Development' and 'Environment, Science and Society'

Dissertation supervision at both undergraduate and masters level.

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 6079

Find me on campus
Room: 12 BA 02


Journal Papers (2013 to present)

Morse S. Measuring the success of sustainable development indices in terms of reporting by the global press. Social Indicators Research (in press; available online).

Morse S. Developing Sustainability Indicators and Indices. Sustainable Development (in press; available online)

Morse S and McNamara N. The Adapted Yam Minisett Technique for producing clean seed yams (Dioscorea rotundata): Agronomic performance and varietal differences under farmer-managed conditions in Nigeria. Experimental Agriculture (in press; available online).

Al Zadjali S, Morse S, Chenoweth J and Deadman M.(2015). Personal safety issues related to the use of pesticides in agricultural production in the Al-Batinah region of Northern Oman. Science of the Total Environment 502, 457–461

Zhang D, Gao Y and Morse S. (2015). Corporate social responsibility and food risk management in China; a management perspective. Food Control 49, 2–10.

Morse S. and Vogiatzakis IN (2014). Special Edition: Environment in Sustainable Development. Sustainability 6(11), 8007-8011

Zhang D., Morse S., Kambhamptati U. and Li B. (2014). Evolving Corporate Social Responsibility in China. Sustainability 6, 7646-7665

Miah J, Griffiths A, McNeill R, Poonaji I, Martin R, Yang A and Morse S. (2014). Heat integration in processes with diverse production lines: A comprehensive framework and an application in food industry. Applied Energy 132(C), 452-464

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Al Zadjali S, Morse S, Chenoweth J and Deadman M. (2014). Factors determining pesticide use practices by farmers in the Sultanate of Oman. Science of the Total Environment 476-477, 505-512

Bell S and Morse S. (2013). An approach to comparing external and internal methods for analyzing group dynamic. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice 17(4), 281-298.

Al Zadjali S, Morse S, Chenoweth J and Deadman M. (2013). Disposal of pesticide waste from agricultural production in the Al-Batinah region of Northern Oman. Science of the Total Environment 463-464, 237–242

Bell S and Morse S. (2013). Towards an understanding of how policy making groups use indicators. Ecological Indicators 35, 13-23

Cassar, L, Conrad E, Bell, S and Morse S. (2013). Assessing the use and influence of sustainability indicators at the European periphery. Ecological Indicators 35, 52–61

Bell S. and Morse S. (2013). How people use Rich Pictures to help them think and act. Systemic Practice and Action Research 26, 331-348.

Morse S. (2013). Out of sight, out of mind. Reporting of three indices in the UK national press between 1990 and 2009. Sustainable Development 21(4), 242-259

Morse S (2013). Bottom rail on top: The shifting sands of sustainable development indicators as tools to assess progress. Sustainability 5(6), 2421-2441

Bell S. and Morse S (2013). Groups and facilitators within problem structuring processes. Journal of the Operational Research Society 64, 959–972

Bell S and Morse S. (2013). Rich Pictures: a Means to Explore the ‘Sustainable Mind’? Sustainable Development 21(1), 30-47.


Books (2013 to present)

Morse S and McNamara N. (2013). Sustainable Livelihood Approach. A critical review of theory and practice. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. 189 pages. ISBN: 978-94-007-6267-1 and 978-94-007-6268-8

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