Food Climate Research Network (FCRN)


The FCRN undertakes research into the impacts of the food system on greenhouse gas emissions and the options for emissions reduction, examining  technological options, at what could be achieved by changes in behaviour and how policies could help promote both these approaches. FCRN research is published and presented widely in the UK and overseas.

In addition to research, the FCRN acts as a knowledge hub.  Regular  e-newsletters are sent to a membership of over 1800 people across disciplines and sectors, including academics, government agencies, industry, NGOs and the interested public.  The newsletters summarise and provide commentary on newly published reports, events, news items and more.  The FCRN library is a an extensive resource on all things food and climate related.

In addition the FCRN  facilitates dialogue through workshops and seminars,  and as well as through  its website and newsletter. Membership is free and open to all by contacting


The FCRN aims to better understand how the food system contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and researches and promotes ways of reducing them.


The Food Climate Research Network is funded by the EPSRC.



Tara Garnett


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