Dr Ian Cunningham

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Phone: Work: 01483 68 6832
Room no: 01 AZ 02

Further information


Dr Ian Cunningham took his first and second degrees at Trinity College Dublin, before moving to University College Dublin to take up a postdoctoral position where he worked with Professor A F Hegarty. After three years at Sunderland he moved to the University of Surrey in 1988.

Research Interests

Dr Cunningham.s research is organised into 3 general areas under the overall, and defining, theme of "Physical Organic Chemistry" (POC). These areas are: - Classical POC, Chirality and Materials and all include significant studies of Bioactive molecules


Physical Organic Chemistry Recent Publications

  • Evidence for Parallel Destructive, and Competitive Epoxidation and Dismutation Pathways in Metalloporphyrin- Catalysed Alkene Oxidation by Hydrogen Peroxide, I. D. Cunningham, T. N. Danks, J. N. Hay, I. Hamerton and S. Gunathilagan, Tetrahedron, 2001, 57, 6847-53.
  • Stability of Various Metalloporphyrin Catalysts during Hydrogen Peroxide Epoxidation of Alkene, I. D. Cunningham, T. N. Danks, J. N. Hay, I. Hamerton, S. Gunathilagan and Celine Janczak, J. Mol. Cat.A: Chem, 2002, 185 (1-2), 25-31
  • Synthesis and characterisation of Calixaren-stabilised Calcium Carbonate overbased detergents, I. D. Cunningham, J.-P. Courtois, T. N. Danks, D. M. Heyes, D. Moreton, and S. E. Taylor. Colloids & Surfaces A: Physicochem Aspects, 2003, 229, 137-47.
  • The cyclopentadienyltitanium trichloride/MAO-catalysed polymerisation of methyl acrylate and copolymerisation with styrene and isoprene. Ian D. Cunningham and Khatereh Fassihi, Polym. Bull., 2005, 53, 359-365.
  • Kinetics and Mechanism of methyl acrylate homo- and co-polymerisation catalysed by cyclopentadienyltitanium trichloride-MAO, Ian D. Cunningham and Khatereh Fassihi, J. Mol. Cat. A: Chemical, in press
  • Deprotonation of Calixarenes in Acetonitrile, Ian D. Cunningham and Marc Woolfall, J. Org. Chem. 2005, 70(23), 9248 . 9256.
  • Evidence for a Fragmentation Mechanism During the Formation of Calcium Carbonate Organo-nanoparticles, Ian D. Cunningham, Jean-Philippe Courtois, Timothy N. Danks, David M. Heyes, David J. Moreton and Spencer E. Taylor, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects, 2007, 301, 184-8


Lecture notes for the recently-delivered CH108 (Year 1 Organic Chemistry) along with CH207 (Year 2 Organic Chemistry) and parts of CH381 (Year 3 Organic Chemistry) are posted on the Chemistry Intranet.

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