Chemistry People

Academic Staff

Chris Amodio Senior Teaching Fellow and Director of Learning and Teaching 01483 686844 37 AZ 03
Melanie Bailey Lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Science 01483 682593 35 AZ 03
Gabriel Cavalli Lecturer in Organic Materials Chemistry 01483 686837 15 AZ 03
Carol Crean Lecturer in Physical and Materials Chemistry 01483 686640 30 AZ 03
Ian Cunningham Senior Teaching Fellow 01483 686832 01 AZ 02
Angela Danil-de-Namor Emeritus Professor Physical Chemistry 01483 689581 05 AZ 02
Ian Hamerton Reader in Polymer Chemistry 01483 689587 31 AZ 03
Malcolm Heggie Professor of Physical and Computational Chemistry 01483 683541 16 AZ 03
Brendan Howlin Director of Postgraduate Research 01483 686248 23 AZ 02
Bill Lockley Organic Synthesis, Isotope Labelling 01483 686828
Dulcie Mulholland Head of Department of Chemistry 01483 686751 05 AZ 03
Sub Reddy Senior Lecturer in Applied Analytical Chemistry 01483 686396 34 AZ 03
Robert Slade Professor of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry 01483 682588 17 AZ 03
Spencer Taylor Professor, Director of Centre 01483 681999 11 AZ 01
Scott Turner Senior Lecturer in Solid State Materials 01483 686847 33 AZ 03
John Varcoe Professor of Materials Chemistry and EPSRC Leadership Fellow 01483 686838 02 AZ 02
Neil I. Ward Professor in Analytical Chemistry 01483 689303 02 AZ 03
David Watson Lecturer in Physical and Materials Chemistry 01483 686836 03 AZ 02
Daniel Whelligan Lecturer in Organic/Medicinal Chemistry 36 AZ 03

Research Staff

Ben Gibbons Research Officer
Kajally Jobe KTP Research Associate
Moses Langat Teaching Research Fellow 01483 689580 04 AZ 02
Christopher Latham Research Associate 01483 689563 20 AZ 01
José Manuel Garcia Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Julia Ponce Gonzalez Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Katerina Ridge Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sianne Schwikkard Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Thomas Trevethan Research Associate 01483 689563 20 AZ 01
Lianqin Wang Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Students

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Sushma Acharya PhD student (Supervisor: Dr. Watson)
Areej Aldhaher PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)
Nawal Al Hakawati PhD Student (Supervisor: Prof Danil-de-Namor)
Alaa Alqahtani PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)
Wafa Al Rawahi PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Neil Ward)
Balqees Al Yahyaei PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Daniel Whelligan)
Catia Costa PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr Melanie Bailey)
Joanna Daniell PhD student (Supervisor: Dr. Turner)
Catherine Donnelly PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Ward)
Polina Dyulgerova MPhil student (Supervisor: Prof. Heggie)
Hazim El Sharif PhD student (Supervisor: Dr. Reddy)
Lorraine Ezra PhD Student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)
Farideh Hamilton PhD student (Supervisors: Profs Slade and Ward) 01483 686648 01 AA 01
Mahado Ismail PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Melanie Bailey)
Emily James PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)
Laura Kent PhD student (Supervisors: Drs. Crean and Watson)
Alice McKenna PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Heggie)
Sam Murphy PhD student (Supervisor: Prof John Varcoe)
Daniel Reid PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Carol Crean)
Marianne Swindlehurst PhD student (Supervisor: Dr. Whelligan)
Amanda Vuong Phd student (Supervisor: Prof Malcolm Heggie)
W Waratchareeyakul PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)
Shelley Watkinson PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Melanie Bailey)
Terrence Willson PhD student (Supervisor: Prof John Varcoe)
Philippa Young PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Heggie)

Technical Support Staff

Rachida Bance-Soualhi Technician (Energy Materials Lab)
Maria Chapman Undergraduate Laboratories 01483 686472 29 AY 01
Daniel Driscoll Experimental Officer for Separation Sciences 01483 689907 10 AZ 03
Anuska Mann Experimental officer 01483 686489 03 AY 03
Judy Peters Research Support Manager 01483 682581 10 AZ 03
Jaspreet Kaur Sihra Technician
Qinmin Zhang Experimental Officer: Instrumentation 01483 686852 10 AZ 03

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