About the Project

The aim of this project was to build a giant model of the Perovskite crystal structure using knitting and crochet. Perovskite is one of the most extensively studied substances in solid state chemistry (the study of the chemistry of solids) and is present in large amounts in the Earth’s mantle.

After 2 years, one conference, a national science festival, many hundreds of meters of yarn, a box of Tim Tams and a lot of tea, it is hard to believe this project has finally finished. The two meter high display case now stands proudly in the entrance of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Surrey. 

Knitters and crocheters from anywhere in the world made parts of the model and sent them to us. The completed model now boasts 192 yellow crochet balls and 144 polyhedra, themselves made of 1152 knitted triangles, and all were crafted by more than 100 contributors from countries in both hemispheres.


Photographs used with permission of Mark Percival (www.ITSB24.com) all copyright belongs to Mark Percival.

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