About the Project

The aim of this project is to build a giant model of the Perovskite crystal structure using knitting and crochet.  Perovskite is one of the most extensively studied substances in solid state chemistry (the study of the chemistry of solids) and is present in large amounts in the Earth’s mantle.  This project is a chance for anyone and everyone with an interest in textile craft, science or both to get together and make something huge!

Knitters and crocheters from anywhere in the world can make parts of the model and send them to us at the University of Surrey.  We will be collecting pieces up until the end of August 2013 and will construct the giant model in September.  Those who contribute can have their names and photos of their work (or themselves!) on our Perovskite Wall Of Fame.  The bigger the model is the better and when it is finished, it will go on display for all to see!

You don’t have to know how to knit or crochet already to take part, we have plenty of instructions to get you going and the patterns are suitable for beginners.  This is a project for everyone so don’t worry if your work is not perfect!

How to get involved

  1. Go to the Downloads page and download your choice of pattern and any help sheets you might want.  Make sure you also download the submission form.
  2. Start to knit or crochet and make your masterpiece.
  3. Fill in the submission form with as much information about yourself as you are happy to provide.
  4. Pop your form and your work in the post to: Dr Julia Percival, Chemistry Department, University of Surrey, Guildford. GU2 7XH.

Any Questions / stuck on your knitting or crochet / need more information: email Julia on surreychemistry@surrey.ac.uk or send your question in the post to the above address.

A limited number of small bursaries towards equipment and yarn are available for groups and schools who would like to take part but have limited financial resources.  Please email surreychemistry@surrey.ac.uk for more information.

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