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Prof Alan Woodward commented for BBC on government's plan to "ban" encryption

Alan Woodward, a security expert and a visiting professor of the Department of Computing, commented for BBC News on the UK government's plan to pass a new legislation to give the authorities more access to contents of communications (which is seen by some people as an effective "ban" of encryption). Alan argues that the government should not go that route because it will not work due to many reasons. He suggests the government needs "better resources not more powers". The full news report can be found at here.

Prof Yaochu Jin awarded China's Changjiang Distinguished Visiting Professorship

Prof Yaochu Jin was recently awarded a prestigious Changjiang Distinguished Visiting Professor by the Ministry of Education, China and the Li Ka Shing Foundation in Hong Kong, China. Each year, less than 50 internationally recognized researchers from all disciplines are awarded.

Surrey Computing researchers won Best Paper Award at InTrust 2014

Miss Veronika Kuchta, a PhD student of the Department, and Dr Mark Manulis, a Senior Lecturer of the Department, received the Best Paper in Cryptography award from the 6th International Conference on Trustworthy Systems (InTrust 2014), which was held from 16-17 December, 2014 in Beijing, China. The award was given for their paper "Rerandomizable Threshold Blind Signatures" that describes new constructions of threshold blind signatures, enabling a set of distributed signers to produce a digital signature on a message that is chosen and kept secret by the user. Rerandomizable threshold blind signatures have useful applications in the design of distributed electronic cash systems and electronic voting protocols.

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