Digital Ecosystems

What is a Digital Ecosystem? There are a number of definitions around. However, to put it simply, a Digital Ecosystem is any community that is mediated through the Web. As a research domain it covers similar ground to "Web Science" and "Digital Economy". However, we prefer this term as the usage of the Ecosystem  metaphor brings with it an open systems perspective that is (at least in principle) a key feature of the business, social and knowledge communities that the web can support.

As a research domain it is "as big as the world". You can get an overview of the specific themes we cover on the right hand side. In all these areas, we try to aim for simplicity and rigour. This is exemplified by our work on "Web Oriented Architecture" where we challenge the WS.* service stack with a much simpler combination of SBVR and RESTful web-services.

We also ground our work in real-world experience. We have two spinouts so far, Thoughtified and Rulemotion and a wide range of research collaborations with industry.


Group Leader: Prof Paul Krause

Research Themes

Cloud Computing


Web Oriented Architecture

Models of Open Systems

Green IT

Data Analytics

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