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  • Notification of Loss of Service: UniPrint

    Date of work to be carried out: Thursday 23rd April 2015

    Duration: 07:00 - 08:00

    Users affected:  UniPrint Users

    Services affected:  UniPrint

    Description:  Apply the latest security updates to the UniPrint servers

    Date Issued:  21/04/2015

  • Operational Review

    The University is undertaking an operational review of faculty and professional services starting in March 2015.

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  • Anti-virus Protection Improvement

    Please be aware University IT are implementing an update to improve the level of anti-virus protection.  While no impact to usability is expected, if you do experience any desktop or laptop issues, please contact the IT User Support Help Desk by emailing or calling 01483 689898

Event Calendar

  • Fundamental Dimensions of Social Cognition: The Primary Role of Morality in the Impression-Formation Process

    28 April 2015
    Warmth and competence are the core dimensions of social cognition as they indicate whether someone’s intentions towards us are beneficial or harmful (i.e., warmth), and whether they have the ability to fulfill their intentions (i.e., competence). Recent advances have demonstrated that warmth encompasses both sociability (e.g., friendliness, likeability) and morality (e.g., honesty, trustworthiness) characteristics.  In this contribution, I review recent work highlighting that morality and sociability make unique contribution to social judgment and that morality has a primary role in the impression-formation process. I conclude that future research on social cognition should expand the two-dimensional model to the more specific aspects of warmth captured in information about morality and sociability.

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  • MAXQDA Training Workshop (1 day)

    28 April 2015
    MAXQDA is a CAQDAS package which integrates the handling of textual data with quantitative and multimedia forms of information/data.

    The workshop provides a thorough introduction to the software. The focus is on gaining confidence in the early tasks of setting up projects efficiently, exploring and coding data whilst having an eye on longer term tasks.

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  • Researcher to Innovator Coffee & Cake

    28 April 2015

    An informal drop-in session for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers/early career academics to find out more about the Researcher 2 Innovator course.

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