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  • Email Issue

    As you may be aware Microsoft suffered a global outage which has affected their Cloud services. As a result, the University is experiencing issues with the email service.

    This includes sending and receiving emails between Surrey365 accounts and non Surrey365 accounts. Emails sent from a Surrey365 account to another Surrey365 account are not experiencing these issues.

    Microsoft are working on resolving this and are providing live status updates at:

    University IT is investigating whether anything can be done internally to reduce impact of this issue and will provide a further update to inform you when the service is restored to its normal functionality.

  • Phishing email warning – ‘Final Notification’

    You may have recently received a phishing email titled ‘Final Notification’. Please be aware that this is a spoof email, University IT would under no circumstances request that you forward your account details in this way.

    If you receive emails requesting your username and password they should be immediately deleted as they have not been generated by University IT. If you have clicked on the link and provided your account details you must reset your password immediately.

    Instructions and a link to change your password can be obtained by visiting the University IT web pages and clicking “Password Changer” under the Quick Links section or by contacting the User Support Help Desk by phone on: 01483 689898 or email:

    If you have clicked on the link and provided your account details it is essential that you contact for further advice.

  • Loss of Service Notification: All Network Services

    Date of work to be carried out: Saturday 22 November and Sunday 23 November

    Duration: Short interruptions to service between 09:00 – 17:30 BST

    Users affected:



    Users Affected 

    Clinical Research Centre (CRC)

    - All users in CRC

    The Leggett Building

    - All users in the Leggett building

    Surrey Technology Centre (STC)

    - All users in STC are affected with the exception of tenants using the STC broadband

    Manor Park Reception

    - ResNet wired and ResNet wireless will not be affected. All other network services within the building will experience loss of service.










    Services affected: All services that use the wired or wireless network. All telephones in the buildings listed.

    Description: An upgrade to improve the network is being carried out which will cause interruptions of up to 15 minutes to the network connectivity to users in the buildings listed above.

    This outage will also affect the telephone serving the buildings. The network should also be deemed to be at risk throughout this period.

Event Calendar

  • Noether's Theorem 100 years on

    21 November 2014

    In 1918, Emmy Noether showed how to calculate conserved quantities for variational problems which have a Lie symmetry, such as invariance under translations and rotations in time and space. Noether obtained the complete result, including the case of invariance under pseudo group actions. 

    In this talk I will show how Noether's two theorems have been updated to finite difference and to numerical schemes. One outstanding motivation is the desire to incorporate a particular conservation law, potential vorticity, into numerical schemes, needed (I am told) for extreme weather prediction.

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  • User aspects of stereoscopic 3D video interaction

    21 November 2014

    The recent development of stereoscopic three dimensional (3D) display technologies has resulted in a proliferation of 3D video production and broadcasting, attracting a lot of research into capture, compression and delivery of stereoscopic content. However, little research has been dedicated to design practices of meaningful user interaction with stereoscopic 3D video content. Having this in mind, this thesis presents a series of studies in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) that analyse user aspects of stereoscopic 3D video interaction, propose technical solutions and give design guidelines for intuitive interaction with the stereoscopic 3D video content. Three main user studies have been conducted to look into this research topic. The user requirement analysis in terms of interactive functionalities and interaction modality requirements showed strong demand for object selection task in 3D video interaction, that resulted in a follow-up study of user preferences in 3D selection using virtual-pointer and ray-casting metaphors.

    In addition, the immersive experience of stereoscopic 3D displays to the audience is caused by artificially stimulating binocular stereopsis in the human visual system. The binocular disparity between the left and right view is the key factor in creating the convincing impression of depth, distinguishing the stereoscopic 3D video from other types of video paradigms. Taking into consideration the imperfections of current disparity estimation algorithm, this thesis finally presents a study into the impact of disparity error on users’ perception of depth and its implications to interaction tasks in 3D stereoscopic systems.

    A further investigation of pointing modalities in the context of stereoscopic 3D television (TV) was conducted, adopting the ISO 9241-9 standard for multi-directional tapping task and the Fitts’ law model. This experimental study compared and evaluated three pointing modalities: standard mouse-based interaction, virtual laser pointer implemented using Wiimote, and hand movement modality using Kinect. The results suggest that the virtual laser pointer modality is more advantageous than other modalities in terms of user performance and user comfort.

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  • Life Cycle Thinking: assessing the footprints of products, companies and lifestyles

    24 November 2014

    Please note that this workshop is aimed at PhD students.

    Although most people are aware that their actions have direct environmental, social and economic impacts, they are generally less are aware of the impacts that they cause indirectly. For example, driving a car or a lorry causes environmental impacts through carbon dioxide emissions from burning fuel, social impacts through jobs in the petrol station and economic profit for the petrol company.  However, there are also impacts all the way along the value chain, including, for example, the emissions due to oil extraction, the conditions of the workers who carry out the extraction, and the profits of the manufacturers who make the oil extraction equipment.

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