• The UOS_Secure wireless service is going...

    Over the next few weeks, the UOS_Secure wireless network will no longer be available on campus. Any existing users of UOS_Secure should move over to the new eduroam wireless service before 21 March 2016.

    Why use eduroam?

    IT Services have replaced over 600 wireless access points and introduced more than 50 new wireless hotspots on campus to provide a better wireless experience using eduroam. The service now provides:

    • Increased speed and reliability
    • Faster connectivity to University resources
    • Greater capacity for more users
    • Quick login without the need to sign in each time you connect
    • Access to the Internet at thousands of participating institutions in the UK and worldwide

    How do I connect to eduroam?

    To connect to eduroam you will need to configure your device using the configuration tool available at:

    I use a university managed laptop, what will I need to do to connect to eduroam?

    If you are using a university managed laptop you will not need to do anything, all devices will be automatically updated to connect to eduroam before 21 March 2016. You may be prompted to enter your university credentials the first time the service is accessed on your device. When entering your username ensure it is entered in the following format:

    If you are using your own device you can connect to eduroam by following the instructions available here.

    Can I connect to The Cloud instead?

    The Cloud wireless network is for members of the public and visitors to the university. Some University resources will not be available through The Cloud so staff and students should always use the eduroam network on campus.

    What will happen if I do not switch to eduroam before 21 March 2016?

    If you have not switched to the eduroam service by 21 March 2016 your device will no longer be connected to the wireless network and you will need to connect to eduroam in order to access the wireless service on campus. You will also notice that the UOS_Secure network will no longer appear in the wireless network list on your device.

    Where can I find out more?

    To find out more about the wireless service on campus visit:

  • The Library is now the main point for walk-in IT Support on campus

    Head to the IT Service Desk on Level 1 of the Library from 9am to 5pm for help with any questions you have about using IT at Surrey. Or if it's more convenient, don't forget you can still call 01483 689898 or email

  • New eduroam wireless service on campus

    IT Services has installed over 600 new wireless access points as part of work to replace the wireless infrastructure at the University. An additional 50 wireless hotspots have also been added in new locations including the Library, Teaching Block and Lecture Theatres.

    The improved wireless service now provides enhanced speed, reliability, and faster connectivity to University resources and increased capacity for more users. The service will continue to be broadcast through the University’s preferred wireless network eduroam.

    In addition to accessing the University’s wireless network with eduroam, you will also be able to use it when visiting other participating universities, colleges, research centres and libraries. To find out more, click here.

    Getting connected

    To begin using the eduroam service you will need to configure your device using the eduroam CAT tool. This will automatically configure the correct settings for your device. Further instructions are available here.  

    Over the next few months, the older UOS_Secure wireless network will be phased out. Existing users of UOS_Secure are now encouraged to move over to the new eduroam wireless service.


    Visitors to the University who are not from a participating eduroam institution should use the Cloudwireless network. The Cloud is a provider of public access wireless hotspots and has over 22,000 wireless hotspot locations across the UK. Users of the service will be required to complete a one-off registration after which a simple sign on will be required. Further details on the visitor service are available here.

    Help and support

    IT Services would like to thank all staff and students who provided feedback on the wireless service whilst work was carried out. The issues which were highlighted have now been resolved. However, if you do experience any coverage difficulties please contact the IT Service Desk by calling ext. 9898 or emailing


    If you have any feedback on the new wireless service, please email with your comments.

    Further information

    Wireless access for staff and students
    Wireless access for visitors
    Wireless network coverage

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