Student Policies and Regulations

These policies apply to students at the University of Surrey. 

They outline agreed procedures/protocols to ensure students understand both expectations and the support available for student life and communal living environments. They allow the University to discharge a duty of care to students and meet legal obligations around support and advice services. Further information for Surrey University staff is also available from the Student Support Services intranet site via staff login.

There are also a range of policies covering Student Academic Regulations and Corporate Staff Policies


Student Policies (& Regulations)







Procedure for Complaints relating to decisions not to allocate accommodation on Preferential Medical Grounds.

Accommodation Allocation Policy






Care Leavers


The University is guided by the Buttle Trust for the services provided to care leavers.

For information on the support available to individuals who have been in care please see the guide on our Publications page or email Ruth McLeod.




 Child Protection and Adults at Risk

This policy outlines how the University seeks to ensure that its duty of care for under 18's (children) and vulnerable adults (adults at risk raising cause for concern) is discharged.

Child Protection and Adults at Risk - Policy

Supporting Procedures – Child Protection (Under 18’s) Safeguarding Policy (487.09KB - Requires Adobe Reader)

Adults at Risk - Procedures

 For admissions and support for students under the age of 18, please see the following webpage:-




Complaints about Learning Opportunities - Procedures


The Procedure for Complaints about Learning Opportunities describes the University's processes for handling complaints from students.

Please see academic regulations page.





Data Protection


Information regarding how the University handles information about you.

See corporate policies page





Death of a Student


Incident response policy & process
Student Death Process Chart

Student Death Policy (387.3KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Student Death Policy - Supporting Procedures (459.25KB - Requires Adobe Reader)







The Student Disciplinary Regulations describes the procedures which the University applies to respond to student misconduct.

Please see the academic regulations page.
For guidance and support please contact USSU.





Disciplinary Guide - Wardens


This guide is used by wardens who support the maintenance of an acceptable communal living environment for students in University campus accommodation, for information on the support provided please see: Wardens

 To read the guide click the pdf document below


Wardens Disciplinary Guide (544.28KB - Requires Adobe Reader)




Domestic Abuse


The Student Domestic Abuse Policy and procedures describe the University approach to, and support for, students experiencing domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse Policy for Staff & Students

Supporting document for students as part of Domestic Abuse Policy







See Misuse of Drugs by Students below





Equality and Diversity

- Harassment and Bullying Policy
- Disability Policy
- Sexual Orientation Policy
- Transgender Policy


The University is committed to being a positive environment where everyone is supported and treated with dignity and respect. The Equality & Diversity Policy describes how the University meets its duties to promote equality and prevent discrimination.

See corporate policies page





Fitness to Study
Fitness to Practice


Regulations concerning students’ ability to study.
Regulations concerning a students' practice in a clinical or professional placement.

Please see the academic regulations page.





Freedom of Speech


The University believes that a culture of free and open discussion is essential to its academic mission. To achieve this, all persons taking part in University activities are expected to respect and be sensitive to the diversity of its community.

See corporate policies page





Hardship Fund Applications [Appeals against decisions on]


The Procedure for Complaints about Learning Opportunities describes the University's processes for handling complaints from students. This document describes how the Procedure for Complaints relates to decisions on Hardship Fund applications.

The Procedure for Complaints (B7), available on the webpage, academic regulations describes the University's process for handling complaints from students.




Infectious Diseases


Infectious Diseases Policy/Guidelines due March 2017





Maternity Paternity Support Policy and Guidance


Maternity Paternity Support Policy and Guidance





Misuse of Drugs by Students Policy and Procedure


It is University policy not to tolerate the possession, trafficking or use of illegal drugs on its premises. This document describes how the misuse of drugs by students will be treated by the University.




Missing Persons


Guidelines on Responding to Reports of Missing Students.

Missing Persons Flow Chart





Personal Tutoring - Code of Practice


Please see academic codes of practice





Prevent (Anti-Radicalisation)




 Information page for staff


To fulfil a duty under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 to have due regard to the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism, the University has introduced the policy below:-

Prevent Policy

Prevent overview

Training for staff 




Religious Observance


The University welcomes the diverse character of its community and, as part of its commitment to equality and diversity and seeks to promote the equal treatment of and respect for religious and non-religious members of the University community.

Policy Statement on Religious Observance





Safeguarding Policies



-Child Protection - see this page
-Domestic Abuse - see this page
-Infectious Diseases - see this page
-Missing Persons - see this page
-Prevent (Anti-Radicalisation) - see this page
-Sexual Misconduct, Rape and Sexual Harassment - see this page
-Student Death - see this page
-Vulnerable Adults - see Child Protection and Adults at Risk Policy 





Sexual Misconduct



Sexual Misconduct Policy (Students) (131.88KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Sexual Misconduct Policy (Students) Supporting Procedures (128.32KB - Requires Adobe Reader)





Social Media Policy


Social Media Policy





Student Charter


A joint statement about the rights and responsibilities shared by all members of the University community.

See publications page.





Student Terms and Conditions

2016/17 Student Terms and Conditions (84.53KB - Requires Adobe Reader)

2015/16 Student Terms and Conditions





Student Fee Debt Management


Student Fee Debt Management Policy





Student Visa (Tier 4) Regulations


Visa Compliance





Vulnerable Students


Please see Child Protection & Adults at Risk Policy above