Cycling at Surrey

Cycling at Surrey

Cycling to and from University is an excellent way to save money, improve your general fitness and help the environment. There are numerous cycle shelters on the main campus and at Manor Park.  Most Courts of Residence have secure storage in which to keep your bike.

The Transport Team are committed to helping student cyclists by:

  • Improving both the quantity & quality of our storage facilities where possible
  • Working with the local authorities to improve cycle routes & facilities in Guildford and further afield in Surrey
  • Providing you with access to cheap bikes to hire or purchase
  • Providing access to regular mechanics to keep your cycles in good working order
  • Offering free cycle security guidance   
  • Producing cycle maps
  • Putting you in touch with like-minded student cyclists and other online resources
Cycle Maintenance Guide (544.84KB - Requires Adobe Reader)

Love your bike campaign

Any bikes that are deemed to be abandoned will have a band tagged to the frame notifying the owner that they should move the bike by the date on the tag.  If the bike isn't moved, we will remove the bike and donate it to the Guildford Bike Project so it can be refurbished or used for parts.

If you want to donate your bike, please contact the Transport Team.

Other helpful tips for student cyclists

  • If you must bring your own expensive bike to campus, please make sure that it is fully insured and protected by a good strong lock. Some guidance suggests spending a minimum of 10% of the cost of your bike on a lock but we would advise you to buy the best lock that you can possibly afford
  • If you are staying in campus accommodation or at Manor Park, you can obtain a key for the associated cycle storage areas from your Court Reception
  • Don’t cycle on any campus pavements unless permitted to do so. Cycle lanes on campus are clearly marked
  • If you are cycling on the road at night, you are required by law to use lights
  • Reflective clothing is essential for cycling at night.  It is good to get into the habit of wearing reflective clothing for every journey, day or night 
  • Be sure to check your tyres, brakes and handlebars are working properly before cycling anywhere
  • Follow the advice on our cycle maintenance guide to keep your bike running smoothly for longer or Visit the Bike Bros on campus for a tune up

Register your Bike

The University is one of the safest universities in the UK but occasionally cycles do get lost or stolen.  Surrey Police recommend that you register your bike on the National Property Register via the Immobilise Website. It takes only a few moments to log your details and record your bike serial number. If your bike is lost or stolen and subsequently recovered by the Police; they will be able to reunite you with your property.

You can also register other valuables such as laptops, tablets, phones and cameras on the same system.