Student Parking 2016-17

The reality of Parking at Surrey

Parking at the University is difficult and the demand for spaces will always outstrip the number we can supply. This is an issue that affects students, staff and visitors alike. We actively encourage everyone to travel by means other than car and we are committed to help provide cheaper, sustainable transport alternatives wherever possible. How you choose to commute to the University is a private matter and your own responsibility.

If you live at Manor Park or Stag Hill, you will not be able to bring a car onto University grounds or park on public roads surrounding the campus.

What parking is available and when can I apply?


SOUPS is the main system we use to allocate student parking at the University of Surrey and if you live outside the University parking exclusion zone then you will be eligible to join the scheme. Further information on what SOUPS is and how it works are available here. Please read this information before applying for SOUPS

Any permits purchased and booked through the 2016-17 SOUPS system will only be valid for use up to and including Thursday 31 August 2017. SOUPS Permits must be printed out on A4 paper and clearly displayed on your vehicle dashboard.

Essential Use Parking Permits

Essential Use permits are reserved for those students with a particular need for a full permit. Please note that all applications for student parking will be assessed against the strict eligibility criteria contained within the University's Traffic Regulations.

Please consider whether you are eligible for any of the University parking permits by reading the information on this page before making your application.

If you require parking on disabled or medical grounds, please also read the information on this page and download the MED 1 form.

Car Share Permits

Car sharing is an excellent way to cut the cost of travelling to University and reducing traffic and parking congestion. You can find out more on car sharing and how to apply for a permit on this page.

Kind regards and hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

The Transport Team
16 September 2016