Student Online University Permit System - SOUPS

SOUPS 2016-17 is now open for business

The SOUPS system is now open to all students in years 2 and above.

New students are not typically able to apply for SOUPS permits until their SITS student registration is complete. This is currently being progressed by the Registry Department.

If you are a new student and have your username and password details you are welcome to try to make your application. The system will accept your application if your registration has been already been completed.

We anticipate that the student registration process will be completed for nursing students by mid-September and for all other new students by the end of the month.

Don't worry if you are a new student that is unable to access the system just yet. SOUPS permits are not issued on a first come first served basis so please check this page for confirmation of when you will be able to make your application.

You can login into SOUPS 2016-17 by clicking here.

Any permits purchased and booked through the 2016-17 SOUPS system will only be valid for use up to and including Thursday 31 August 2017.

SOUPS 2016-17 – Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions about SOUPS that we hope clearly explain how the system works.

Please only email the Transport Team if you require information about SOUPS that is not displayed on this page.

Kind regards

The Transport Team


What is SOUPS?

SOUPS is the Student Online University Permit System. SOUPS has been designed by the University’s Transport Team and created by the University’s IT Department. It is an online system where you can quickly and easily buy and book single use day parking permits to park on campus.

The system was improved in August 2013 to manage the parking requirements of all students and not just those who have an infrequent or irregular attendance pattern.

Who can use SOUPS?

You will be eligible to join SOUPS if you:

  • live outside the University's parking exclusion zone and the journey from your place of residence (during semester only) to the University using public transport is not viable
  • live inside the University's parking exclusion zone but have a medical condition that necessitates the use of a car. This must be supported by medical evidence provided by your GP or Consultant and endorsed by the Medical Team at the Centre for Wellbeing. Further information on medical parking is available here.
  • live inside the University's parking exclusion zone but follow a course of study that either requires regular attendance outside normal public transport operating hours (7am to 7pm) or requires regular use of a car. You will need to arrange for your course tutor to provide a letter of support confirming this. Further information on parking for students on placement is available here.
  • live inside the University's parking exclusion zone but have other exceptional circumstances that make the use of public transport untenable. You will need to provide detailed evidence to support this
When can I apply?

SOUPS 2016-17 will be launched on Thursday 8 September 2016. The exact time will be advised here.

How do I join SOUPS?

Please use the quick login button to access the system and make your application. You will need your University id and password in order to access SOUPS. Guidance on the Welcome website explains how to set up your IT account. Please note that we cannot accept applications from students without a University IT account.

New students may not be able to immediately apply for SOUPS permits until their SITS student registration is complete. This will happen automatically as and when your record is progressed by the Registry Department. Neither you nor the Transport Team will be able to speed the registration process up but we do not anticipate that new students will have too long to wait to join the system. We will advise when it is possible for all students to register to join SOUPS.

I am a member of the existing SOUPS System - do I need to re-apply?

If you want to use SOUPS after 1 September 2014, you will need to re-apply for the 2014-15 SOUPS via the website. We plan to open the new version of SOUPS at on the afternoon of Friday 29 August. The Transport Team will be on hand to quickly approve your application if you need parking during the first week of September. If you need to park on those days, please contact the Transport Team and we will look out for your application. As previously advised, you will not be able to carry forward any unused SOUPS to the next SOUPS year.

How does it work?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you may apply to purchase up to 130 individual SOUPS for use in the main Stag Hill car park between 1 September and 31 August each year. Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to purchase an allocation of permits via the University’s online store. Your permit account will be credited immediately whereupon you may start to book permits for the days you want to park on campus. A permit will then be emailed to your University email account for you to print and clearly display on your vehicle’s dashboard on the days in question.

What if I do not study on the Stag Hill campus?

If you meet the eligibility criteria but are based over at Manor Farm (at the CRC, Sleep Centre or in the Leggett Building) please apply to join SOUPS and email the Transport Team to notify us that you need parking for that particular site.

This is an online system - do I need to provide supporting evidence of my car and term time address?

The Transport Team will select applications at random to ensure that the system is being used fairly. If you are selected at the point of application or at any other time during the permit year, you will be asked to provide supporting evidence of your term time address and that you are registered to drive the vehicle(s) quoted in your application. If you are found to have misused the system, your account will be closed and you will not be able to reapply for SOUPS or any other type of University parking permit.

How much does it cost?

SOUPS are available to purchase in multiples of 5 and you may hold up to 20 permits at any one time. A multiple of 5 will cost £8.75 which equals a daily rate of £1.75.

Do I have to print out my SOUPS permits?

Yes - all SOUPS permits must be printed out and clearly displayed on your vehicle dashboard when you are parked in the car parks. Handwritten notes are not accepted as valid permits in the car parks and you risk receiving a Parking Charge Notice if you write out your permits.

We appreciate that not all students have access to printers at home so please be advised that there are printing facilities in the AP Computer Labs and University Library.

How does SOUPS work for placement students living in University accommodation on campus or at Manor Park?

If you are resident in University accommodation on Stag Hill or Manor Park and the Transport Team agree that you will not be able to meet your placement commitments without the use of your car, you may still use SOUPS. You will be permitted to book SOUPS for the periods that correspond with your placement. The dates of your placement will be provided by your Faculty Placement Officer and you will not be able to use SOUPS outside of these times. When not on placement you will not be allowed to keep your car with you at your accommodation or elsewhere in Guildford.

Certain conditions apply – please read the further information for placement students which is available here.

How far in advance can I book?

To enable us to effectively manage the car parks, SOUPS may only be booked up to 2 weeks in advance, although not beyond the SOUPS year end date of 31 August 2015. This is to ensure that big events can be accommodated without inconveniencing you or other drivers. SOUPS permits may be booked on the day itself if permits are available.

Only students who have been given permission to use SOUPS to meet their placement commitments may book permits more than 2 weeks in advance.

Can I cancel a booking I no longer need?

You may cancel any un-generated permit before 10pm on the night before your booking. If you have already generated a booking (and therefore sent the permit to your University email account) or not cancelled a valid booking before 10pm on the night before your booking, the University must assume that you are intending to drive to campus on the day and your booking cannot be cancelled. No refund will ever be offered for SOUPS permits that are booked and no longer needed or not cancelled in time.

What if I want to park on a certain day and no SOUPS are available?

The number of SOUPS available on any given day will be limited. If you are unable to book a SOUPS permit as they have all been allocated, you will need to make alternative arrangements to park off campus or use public transport. The Transport Team will continually review the number of SOUPS that are made available in conjunction with the capacity of the car parks to make sure that the maximum number of SOUPS are available each day.

Can SOUPS be carried over from year to year?

Unfortunately not. Please be aware that unused SOUPS cannot be carried over beyond 31 August each year and that unused SOUPS will not be refunded. You should therefore plan your purchases carefully and only buy what you need.

I only need to park on a single day. Why can I not buy SOUPS individually?

The reason we limit the number that can be purchased to multiples of 5 is because of the costs involved. The University is charged a transaction fee every time you make a SOUPS purchase via the online store.

If you only require parking on a single day and don’t want to purchase 5 SOUPS, we recommend you use the University’s pay & display facilities or make alternative arrangements.

Will SOUPS always be available?

On certain days like Applicant Days or Degree Days, SOUPS permits will be restricted from use or severely limited in availability. These days will be clearly published and reminders will be sent to all SOUPS users at least two weeks in advance of the restricted day.

I’ve been overcharged for my SOUPS or my permits have not been credited to my account - what should I do?

The SOUPS system and the online store are robust and secure but occasionally transactions might be unsuccessful for a small number of reasons. If you have been charged several times for a purchase or not received SOUPS in your account, please email the Transport Team who will be happy to assist you. You may be required to provide supporting bank statement or credit card bills.

Can I park anywhere with a SOUPS permit?

SOUPS permits are only valid for use within the main University car park on Stag Hill campus unless otherwise agreed by the Transport Team who will amend your permits to clearly display where they are valid for use. If no such arrangement has been made, SOUPS permit holders should only park elsewhere when directed to do so by a named member of the University’s Security Department.

Do I need to book SOUPS for use at weekends?

No. Outside of normal permit hours (0730 – 1700 Monday to Friday) you will not need to book a SOUP permit if you want to park in the Stag Hill main car park.

Are SOUPS transferable?

Unfortunately not. SOUPS permits are restricted to use by the student and vehicle for which they are registered.

How do I change my car details?

Please email the Transport Team with your new vehicle’s make, model and registration number and confirmation of which car is no longer required. You can do this from within the SOUPS system.