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  • Disruption to Network Services – Saturday 12 April

    Date of work to be carried out:  Saturday 12 April

    Duration:  Short service interruptions between 10:00 to 18:00 BST

    Who affected:  All users of ResNet (Gold and Platinum), Wireless Network Service (eduroam, UOS_SECURE and UOS_VISITOR) and all users of the Campus network.

    Services affected:  All services that rely on Internet connectivity.

    Description:  The University is upgrading the central part of its network and this work is required to move some services from our current network core to our new one.

  • IT User Support Helpdesk - Easter Opening Hours

    The IT User Support Helpdesk will be closed from 5pm on Wednesday 16th April, emails will not be monitored after this time however, the Helpdesk will be open until 8pm for any walk in visitors on this day.

    We will reopen as normal at 8:30am on Thursday 24th April 2014, please note emails will also not be monitored during this period.

    Telephone support will be available throughout this time on 01483 689898 or 0808 168 7128. Calls will be handled by a third party who can provide help for many common IT issues 24 hours a day seven days a week.

  • University IT and the Heartbleed Bug

    You may have seen reports of a new IT security vulnerability dubbed 'Heartbleed' in the national news. This affects OpenSSL (secure browsing) by allowing attackers to read information that is expected to be encrypted. Critical information such as passwords or secret keys could be leaked if the problem is exploited.

    The software which is vulnerable is widely used and has affected many Internet services. While the majority of Surrey systems were not vulnerable, some systems were found to use this software and have therefore been potentially open to attack. University IT has worked quickly to evaluate, correct and patch all services which have been identified. We will continue to work with third parties to address any evolving concerns as new information becomes available.

    As exploiting the vulnerability leaves no trace, it is not known whether any information has been lost. At this time, we would recommend that you change your University password if you are concerned about the risk or are reusing the same password elsewhere.

    In response to this vulnerability, companies and web services that you use may advise you to change your password; in these cases it would be sensible to follow their advice. However, before making any changes, you should check that the service has announced that it is now safe. 

    As the extent of the Heartbleed vulnerability becomes clearer, University IT will provide further updates and recommendations.

    Help and Support

    If you suspect that your university account has been compromised or you have any concerns with the information above please contact University IT on 01483 689898 or email

Event Calendar

  • Brain Computer Interfaces for Neurofeedback and Medical Applications

    24 April 2014

    Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology has advanced over the last decade to the point that it can be applied with success in a variety of fields. Two novel and mobile BCI designs and their technical details (signal processing and machine learning) from the Donders Institute research group in Netherland ( will be presented. One is based on event-related neurofeedback to aid language and sound learning. The second one is an intra-operative awareness monitor which aims to serve as an indication of increased awareness during a surgical procedure.

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  • Research Methods Summer School - Business & Management

    27 April 2014

    The Business and Management Research Methods Summer School will take place between 27th and 1st May 2014.  This provides a short, intensive period for Postgraduate Research (PGR) Students in the Surrey Business School, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and Department of Healthcare Management and Informatics, as well as relevant Management Pathway students from across the South East DTC to learn more about research methodology and methods and to interact with each other and tutors in a supportive and friendly environment.  

    The Summer School has been designed to help equip you with some of the key transferable research skills you need to demonstrate as a PGR student. By the end of the School you will have:

    • Moved forward with your thinking about your own research.
    • Practiced and developed skills at presenting and explaining your work and listened, given and received feedback on your work and that of others.
    • Gained more knowledge and understanding of relevant research methodologies and methods and evaluated their appropriate application within your own research field.
    • Gained an appreciation of standards of good research practice.
    • Learnt from others about undertaking doctoral research through networking with participants.

    The Summer School will be taught through a series of PGR student and tutor lead workshops, tutorials and informal sessions.  Workshops sessions take place on Sunday late afternoon, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. An outline structure is provided as a guide.

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  • MBA Open Evening 29 April 2014

    29 April 2014

    You can find out more about the Surrey MBA at our Open Evening session. Each session includes a presentation from academic staff, a question and answer session and the chance to take a look at our state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

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