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  • Anti-virus Protection Improvement

    Please be aware University IT are implementing an update to improve the level of anti-virus protection.  While no impact to usability is expected, if you do experience any desktop or laptop issues, please contact the IT User Support Help Desk by emailing or calling 01483 689898

  • Phishing email warning - 'Last Warning'

    You may have recently received a phishing email titled ‘Last Warning’. Please be aware that this is a spoof email, University IT would under no circumstances request you to provide your account details in this way.

    If you receive emails requesting your username and password they should be immediately deleted as they have not been generated by University IT. If you have clicked on the link and provided your account details you must reset your password immediately.

    Instructions and a link to change your password can be obtained by visiting the University IT web pages and clicking “Password Changer” under the Quick Links section or by contacting the User Support Help Desk by phone on: 01483 689898 or email:

    If you have clicked on the link and provided your account details it is essential that you contact for further advice.

  • Surrey Marrow event – Thursday 27 November

    Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer such as leukaemia, but you could help cure them.  If you're aged 16 - 30, please spare ten minutes of your time to join the stem cell donor register this Thursday. You could go on to be a match, donate your stem cells and potentially save a life.

    Surrey Marrow is the University’s student branch of blood cancer charity and bone marrow register Anthony Nolan.

    Joey has Diamond Blackfan Anaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life. This week Surrey Marrow hopes to sign up as many potential donors for Joey as possible and need your help!

    It’s a simple process which involves filling in a quick form and providing a small saliva sample. Once on the register, if you are found as a match for someone, you can donate your stem cells in a process which is similar to giving blood.

    The event will run in Rubix, 10am - 5pm on Thursday 27 November.

    For more information please email, follow Surrey Marrow on Facebook, or tweet them @Surrey_Marrow.

Event Calendar

  • SPLASH Workshop: Using sources properly - how to cite and when to reference

    28 November 2014

    This session will give 1st and 2nd year students the opportunity to:

    - review their understanding of suitable sources and the ways in which they can be used in academic writing;
    - start thinking about being ‘critical’ about the sources they are using;
    - develop their understanding of plagiarism (and how to avoid it!);
    - develop their ability to summarise, paraphrase and quote.

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  • Black holes, quantum gravity and string theory

    28 November 2014
  • University Choir and Orchestra

    29 November 2014

    Sibelius     Finlandia, Op 26

    Bernstein     Chichester Psalms

    Shostakovich      Symphony no 5, Op 47

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