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  • SurreyLearn Scheduled Update Cancelled

    Due to technical reasons the SurreyLearn Software update will no longer be taking place.

    There will be no scheduled downtime from Tuesday 22 July to Friday 25 July as previously communicated. 

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    For live updates and announcements follow University IT on twitter @uniofsurreyit or like University IT on Facebook

  • Loss of Network Services (Telephony and Internet)

    Date of work to be carried out: Wednesday 9 July 2014

    Duration:  06:00am to 07:00am

    Who affected: Users of the telephones in Senate House, AC, BA, BC, MS, DK, AY, AZ, AX, Students Union, AA, WH, HA, PM, Oak and Court receptions. Users of the data Network in Senate House levels 0, 1 and 2.

    Services affected: Telephony, all services for users in the areas identified above. Data Network, all network services e.g. web and email for users identified in Senate House above. 

    Description: Recent unplanned power interruptions have identified an issue with the electrical switch gear in Senate House, this downtime is needed so E&FM can repair the faulty electrical equipment.

  • Phishing Email Warning – ‘Your email account has reached its maximum limit of 20 GB of storage’

    You may have recently received an email from David Ashton (VP & Registrar Office) titled ‘Your email account has reached its maximum limit of 20 GB of storage’. Please do not respond, this is a phishing email and has not been generated by David Ashton.  

    If you receive emails requesting your personal details they should be immediately deleted as they have not been generated by University IT. If you have clicked on the link and provided your account details you must reset your password immediately.

    Instructions and a link to change your password can be obtained by visiting the University IT web pages and clicking “Password Changer” under the Quick Links section or by contacting the User Support Help Desk by phone on: 01483 689898 or email:

    If you have clicked on the link and provided your account details it is essential that you contact the IT User Support Help Desk for further advice.

Event Calendar

  • Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis

    22 July 2014

    This course provides an opportunity to explore different approaches to analysing qualitative data in more breadth and depth than is possible in the one-day course Introduction to Thematic Approaches to Analysing Qualitative Data course. We will mainly focus on the analysis of data derived from in-depth interviews and focus groups although the approaches discussed can also be used to analysis other types of qualitative data. The course is primarily intended for researchers with no or limited experience of analysing qualitative data. The presenters are very experienced researchers who have worked on a wide range of projects.

    Day 1 will focus on thematic analysis; a very commonly used approach in the social sciences to analysing qualitative data. We will begin with an overview of different ways of analysing qualitative data and then go on to explore the principles of ‘grounded theory’ and the constant comparison method, the process of coding data and the development of more conceptual ideas through analysis. These sessions will be interspersed with practical exercises about different stages of analysis and will provide participants with many opportunities to analyse ‘real’ data.

    Day 2 will start with a brief recap on the material ground covered in Day 1 before exploring the analysis of data generated through focus groups. We will then look at narrative approaches to analysing interview and focus group data and the extent to which these provide an alternative or complementary approach to thematic approaches. As in Day 1, there will be practical exercises throughout the day to illustrate different aspects of analysis and to help develop participants’ confidence. We will also address issues such as validity and generalisability in the context of qualitative analysis and the presentation of qualitative research findings for academic and other audiences.     


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  • ATLAS.ti Advanced Support Workshop (1 day)

    23 July 2014

    This workshop is for researchers who have previously attended an introductory training workshop in ATLAS.ti and/or who have been using the software for a real project for some time. It is not an introductory workshop, but designed as a refresher to help researchers get going with their own data or to move on beyond the basic tasks, for those who have already started working with the software.

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  • Summer Walk

    23 July 2014

    As part of Walkfest 2014.A walk for those in wheelchairs and a range of disabilities. Lasting approximately one hour. This short walk will look at the specimen trees and artwork around the university campus, a real hidden gem.  

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