LSA Exam timetable (243.5KB)



 Important Note: This Late Summer Assessment timetable has been updated on 12th August 2016 . It is the students’ responsibility to check for any changes since the last version was posted (10th August 2016). Details of the modules affected/changed are available at your Faculty Helpdesk.


Forthcoming Examination Arrangements

The timetable will have been prepared with regard to the following principles:

Students may have two examinations in one day.  Where a student does have more than one examination in a day, the total number of hours of examinations in any one day will not normally be more than four (i.e. a student has a 3-hour examination and a 1-hour examination or two 2-hour examinations but not 2x3-hour examinations).

Students will not normally have more than 2 examinations in a 48-hour period.

Where a student has an examination in the evening one day (i.e. finishing after 6.30pm), s/he will not have an examination before 10.30am the following morning.

Where a student has two examinations on one day, the minimum period of time between examinations will be 90 minutes.

If you have any questions about the examination period please contact timetablehelp@surrey.ac.uk

You will be required to produce your ID card in order to sit an examination. If you do not have a valid ID card you will be required to go to the Student Services Centre prior to the start of the examination to have your identity verified and be given a confirmation slip to enable you to enter the examination venue. This slip is valid for one exam only.

 Mobile Phones - Please do not take mobile phones into an examination venue. 

 All students should be familiar with the following document: Instructions to Candidates (181.5KB - Requires Adobe Reader)