Anglican Chaplain

Andrew Bishop is the full time Anglican (Church of England) Chaplain to the University.

He can be contacted anytime at

Tel: 07891 994069


Andrew works as the Co-ordinating Chaplain within the team of Chaplains of a range of faiths and Christian denominations. 

Andrew's role is primarily a pastoral one amongst students and staff: this may be in times of celebration and crisis, sadness and joy. It may also involve advice on local churches, spiritual direction and companionship and Christian teaching and reflection.

Andrew is a husband and father and until 2011 had spent all his ministry in parish churches in London and Basingstoke.

On Sundays and weekdays he also ministers at Guildford Cathedral where he is a Canon of the Cathedral.

Further information can be found at

' Take hold of the life that really is life' 1 Timothy 6.19b