Chaplaincy - Wey Flat Surrey Court

This is where the full time Chaplains are based.

Andrew Bishop-Anglican & Coordinating Chaplain ( full time)

Tel: 07891 994069

John McCarthy-Catholic Chaplain ( full time)

Tel: 07870 277743

Quiet Centre

The Quiet Centre provides a quiet place for individuals to pray,worship,meditate and contemplate.It is also available as a multi-faith space for prayers,worship or meetings. Access is via your campus ID card. Bookings through

directions to quiet centre (2013.5KB)


Islamic Prayer Centre

There is a dedicated centre for Muslim daily prayers in the basement of the AA building. There are Wudu facilities and separate entrances for Brothers and Sisters

Manor Park Common Room

JB01-10 is a shared space available for multi-faith prayers, quiet study and meetings.