Department of Physics


Find information about the staff within the Department of Physics, including contact details, biographies and academic publications.

PhD Students can be found under their respective research group pages.

Academic Staff

Name Role
James Adams Lecturer of Theoretical Biological Physics
Jim Al-Khalili OBE Professor of Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Professor of Public Engagement in Science
Jeremy Allam Professor of Ultrafast Optoelectronics
Carlo Barbieri Senior Lecturer of Theoretical Nuclear Physics
David Bradley Professor of Radiation and Medical Physics
Wilton Catford

Professor, Research Group Leader of Experimental Nuclear Physics

Steven Clowes Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Research Director for ATI
Michelle Collins Lecturer of Astrophysics

Alexis Diaz-Torres

Senior Lecturer of Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Daniel Doherty Lecturer of Experimental Nuclear Physics
David Faux Reader of Soft Condensed Matter
Marian Florescu Senior Lecturer
Mark Gieles Professor, Research Group Leader of Astrophysics and Royal Society University Research Fellow (URF)
Eran Ginossar Lecturer
Alessia Gualandris Lecturer of Astrophysics
Izabela Jurewicz Lecturer of Soft Condensed Matter
Joseph Keddie Professor of Soft Condensed Matter
Annika Lohstroh Senior Lecturer, Research Group Leader of Radiation and Medical Physics
Gavin Lotay Lecturer in Experimental Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Metrology
Peter McDonald Professor of Soft Condensed Matter
Ben Murdin Professor of Physics
Andrew Nisbet Professor of Radiation and Medical Physics
Noelia Noel Lecturer of Astrophysics
Silvia Pani Lecturer of Applied Radiation Physics
Zsolt Podolyak Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics
Justin Read Professor of Astrophysics
Patrick Regan Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics
Arnau Rios Huguet Lecturer of Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Richard Sear Senior Lecturer, Research Group Leader of Soft Condensed Matter
Paul Sellin Professor of Radiation and Medical Physics
Paul Stevenson Senior Lecturer, Research Group Leader of Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Stephen Sweeney Professor of Photonics, Head of Department

Administrative staff

Name Role
Veronica Benson SEPnet Director of Employer Liaison
Cressida Briggs Administraive Officer (UG and PGT Programmes)
Heather Campbell SEPnet Outreach and Ogden Science Officer
Martyn Jones Undergraduate Admissions Team Leader
Joanna Moore Department Administrator / PA
Natasha Ney Administrative Assistant
Kay Pearson SEPnet Employer Engagement
Cristobel Soares-Smith SEPnet Graduate Network Administrator

Emeritus staff

Name Role
Alf Adams Distinguished Professor of Physics
Tony Clough Professor Emeritus of Physics
Alan Crocker Professor Emeritus of Physics
William Gelletly Professor Emeritus of Physics
Professor of Physics
Nicholas Spyrou Emeritus Professor of Medical Physics
Phil Walker Director of Research, Head of the Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Physics (CNRP), Professor of Physics
Jeff Tostevin  Professor of Physics

Research and Teaching Staff

Name Role
Eduardo Balbinot Astrophysics Research Fellow
Richard Bacon  
Steven Chick  
Walter Gilboy  
Georgios Gkantzounis Research Fellow
Konstanze Hild Teaching Fellow
Mona Ibrahim Research Fellow in Soft Condensed Matter
Nicole (Juerong) Li Research Fellow
Konstantin Litvinenko Research Fellow
Igor Marko Research Fellow
Mohammad Moukaddam Research Fellow in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Mohammad Nakhostin Research Fellow in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Matt North Daphne Jackson Fellow in Astrophysics
Francesco Raimondi Research Fellow in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Florent Renaud Research Fellow in Astrophysics
Ramon Rey-Raposo Research Fellow in Astrophysics
Matthais Rudigier Research Fellow in Astrophysics
Matthew Taggart Research Fellow in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Natasha Timofeyuk Research Fellow in Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Francesco Volponi Teaching Fellow in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Kai Wen Research Fellow in Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Technical Support Staff

Name Role
Simon Barnes Laboratory Superintendent
John-William Brown Research Laboratory Technician (CNRP)
Christopher Buxey Technician
Maxime Delorme Scientific programmer
Violeta Doukova Research Laboratory Technician (Surrey Materials Institute)
Agata Gajewicz Research and Teaching Laboratory Technician
Sarah Heisig Radiation Physics Laboratory Supervisor
David Munro FEPS Senior Systems Developer (Physics)
Angela Zarate Chaves Undergraduate Laboratory Technican

Visiting researchers

Name Role
Khalid Sauliman Alzimami Visiting Research Fellow
James Benstead Visiting Research Fellow
Jonathan Burnett Visiting Research Fellow
Elizabeth Cunningham Visiting Research Fellow
Mark Ellis Visiting Research Fellow
George Etherington Visiting Research Fellow
Konstanze Hild Visiting Researh Fellow
Andrea Idini Visiting Researcher in Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Shakar Jafari Visiting Research Fellow
Anthony Palmer Visiting Research Fellow
Andrew Prins Visiting Research Fellow

Visiting staff

Name Role
Mohammed Alkhorayef Visiting Lecturer
Aleksey Andreev Visiting Reader
Cornelius Beausang Visiting Professor
James Carroll Visiting Professor
Andrew Carter Visiting Professor
Roger Clarke Visiting Professor
Eman Daar Visiting Lecturer
David Dance Visiting Professor
Walter Gilboy Visiting Senior Fellow
George Etherington Visiting Reader
Lucia Florescu Senior Visiting Lecturer
Steven Judge Visiting Reader
Dave Lancefield Visiting Lecturer
Alan Nichols Visiting Professor
Paul Seller Visiting Reader
Andrew Simons Visiting Senior Lecturer
Peter Thompson Visiting Professor
Michael Wiescher Visiting Professor
Furong Xu Visiting Professor
Kenneth C Young Visiting Professor