University of Surrey research is addressing this century’s most pressing challenges, fuelling students with a spirit of curiosity and drive to improve the world.
In the 2014 Research Exercise Framework (REF), 98 per cent of our research outputs were rated to be world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognised in terms of originality, significance and rigour.

Engineering for Health

With the development of the world’s first 5G Innovation Centre, new School of Veterinary Medicine and dedicated mobile mHealth Research Centre, the University of Surrey is uniquely placed to deliver an innovative educational environment that will drive forward next generation healthcare.

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Mobile phones

Getting CLEVER about throwaway devices

The average person in the UK has a new mobile phone every two years, leading to vast amounts of electronic waste going into landfill. An outreach project by environmental researchers at Surrey has targeted teenagers to find ways of tackling this global challenge.

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UK and Indian delegates meet to discuss environmental issues at TERI University workshop with the University of Surrey

UK-India collaborative workshop addresses emerging socio-economic and environmental challenges in developing countries

The University of Surrey is proud to be working in collaboration with TERI University in New Delhi, India, to identify, understand and develop solutions to the socio-economic and environmental challenges faced by developing countries.

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Innovative new project changes healthcare approach

The University of Surrey has launched a pioneering new approach called ‘Innovation for Health’, which will help change the delivery of healthcare in the UK.

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Reducing chronic disorders in toy dog breeds

Canine Chiari-like malformation (CM) is a complex abnormality of the skull, neck and head associated with miniaturisation, which can lead to pain disorders and the spinal cord disease syringomyelia (SM). The number of diagnosed cases and their severity has increased dramatically during the last 20 years and can be seen in many toy breed dogs and their crosses.

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Informing public policy design

Contributing to the design of public policy is challenging and assessing the success of such policies can be extremely difficult. The new Centre for Evaluation of Complexity across the Nexus (CECAN) aims to develop a culture of evidence-based decision-making and cross-fertilise knowledge and best practice between Government, the private sector and academia.

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Shaping the debate on Brexit and beyond

The EU referendum and subsequent ‘Brexit’ have dominated media and political debate in the UK and internationally, causing one of the most profound ruptures to public policy in the past century.

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Transforming laser technologies

Surrey's Photonics Group has played a pivotal role in understanding and developing compound semiconductors for use in photonic devices. The strained-layer quantum well technology developed by Surrey research is now incorporated in the vast majority of CD, DVD and Blu-ray systems, in telecommunications and the internet and in LEDs for solid-state lighting.

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Digitising dance heritage

Since 2008, expertise and resources in Surrey's dance division including Surrey's National Resource Centre for Dance, which was established in 1982, have contributed to creating an innovative dance archive for the public.

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