Dr Carole Nakhle

Associate Lecturer in Energy Economics

Qualifications: PhD (Energy Economics, Surrey), MSc, BSc


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Dr Carole Nakhle is the founder and Director of Crystol Energy. She acts as Associate Lecturer in Energy Economics at the University of Surrey (UK) and Associate of the Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC), in addition to her roles as Research Fellow at the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies (Beirut) and Scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Centre (Beirut). She is also Economic Consultant to the Commonwealth Secretariat; External Expert for the Fiscal Affairs department at the IMF and Consultant for the World Bank. She makes regular contributions to Geopolitical Information Service (Liechtenstein) and acts as visiting lecturer at international institutions such as The Graduate School of International and Development Studies in Geneva. She is the founder and director of the non-for-profit organisation “Access for Women in Energy” and is Program Advisor to the Washington based International Tax and Investment Centre (ITIC).
Between 2009 and 2011, she worked with Statoil as industry analyst then as External Institutions Manager with ENI. From 2005 to 2008, she served as Senior Research Fellow in Energy Economics at the University of Surrey and acted as Special Parliamentary Adviser on Energy Issues and Middle Eastern Affairs in the House of Lords, UK – a role she resumed for one year in 2012.
Dr Nakhle, who was born in Lebanon, is trilingual, in spoken and written Arabic, French and English. She has published numerous papers and articles, which appeared in various journals and newspapers. She acts as Expert Reviewer to leading international publishers, such as Cambridge University Press, Routledge and Palgrave and refereed journals.

Research Interests

  • Petroleum Fiscal Regimes (globally)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas Economics
  • Energy Policy
  • Natural Gas Markets 
  • Gas Monetisation

Research Collaborations

Carnegie Middle East Centre

International Tax and Investment Centre

Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


In addition to her regular contribution appearing on http://www.geopolitical-info.com/en/ Dr Nakhle’s publications include:

Nakhle, C. (2014) 'Can Oil and Gas Markets Adjust to a Rising Persia?', Carnegie Middle East Centre, Oct.

Nakhle, C. (2014) 'Energy and Climate Security: Then and Now', in Global Agenda 2013: Water, Energy, and the Arab Awakening, United Nations University.

Nakhle, C. (2014) ‘America is Right, the UK’s North Sea Tax Regime Needs Reforming’, The Conversation, 16 July.

Nakhle, C. (2014) ‘Managing Expectations and Depoliticizing the Sector’, article published by the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies (LCPS), the Daily Star (18 March) and in Arabic by Annahar (20 March).

Nakhle, C. (2013) 'Lebanon Oil and Gas: What is on Offer?', Oxford Energy Forum, Issue 93, August.

Nakhle, C. (2013) 'Making the Reward Worth the Risk', The Executive Magazine, March. 

Nakhle, C. (2013) 'Offshore Gas Pre-Qualification Process: So Far so Good', Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies, article also published in Al Akhbar, February. 

Nakhle, C. (2013) 'Gas: Lebanon Needs a Clear and Robust Framework to Address the Challenges Ahead', Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies, article also published in the Daily Star, January..

Nakhle, C. (2012) 'Iraq's Fourth Licensing Round: Business as Usual?', Middle East Economic Survey (MEES), vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 14-21, April.

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Nakhle, C. (2011) 'Coal, Oil and Natural Gas', in Fred Nadis and Jack Waskey (eds) 'World History Encyclopedia, Era 9: Promises and Paradoxes, 1945-Present', ABC-CLIO.

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Nakhle C. (2009) ‘Iraq First Bidding Round - The Greatest Race on Earth’ or was it?’
- Published in Italian in AGI Energia, July
- Published in English in Global Arab Network, August

Nakhle, C. (2009) ‘Petroleum Taxation’, in Joanne Evans and Lester C Hunt (eds), International Handbook on the Economics of Energy, Edward Elgar, UK-USA

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Nakhle, C. (2005) ‘The Impact of Terrorism on Oil Price’, Published in Arabic in Al-Qabas Newspaper, Kuwait, February, 15.


Carole coordinates and teaches on the ECOM032 Economics of International Oil and Gas module. [Click here to access the teaching materials]

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