Professor Robert Witt

Professor of Economics

Qualifications: BA (CNAA), MSc, MA, PhD (Essex)

Phone: Work: 01483 68 6954
Room no: 23 AD 00

Office hours

Wednesday 9:00 am - 11:00 am  (Weeks 1 to 11)

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Further information


Robert Witt is Professor of Economics in the School of Economics at Surrey University. His research interests are in economics of crime, economics of sport and microeconometrics. Rob recently served as Head of the School of Economics at Surrey (2008-2013). Rob received his Ph.D. at Essex University, and came to Surrey from the University of St. Andrews. He has served as a consultant to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Home Office and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. 

Rob has published in a variety of academic journals including, American Economic Review, Economica, Labour Economics, Economics Letters, Energy Economics, The Manchester School, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Fiscal Studies, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Journal of Quantitative Criminology, British Journal of Criminology, Eastern Economic Journal, Bulletin of Economic Research, Regional Studies and Applied Economics. He has also written numerous book chapters and research reports.

Research Interests

Economics of crime; Economics of sport; Microeconometrics .


Recent publications

  • Reilly B, Witt R. (2016) 'Disciplinary Sanction and Social Pressure in English Premiership Soccer'. University of Sussex, Department of Economics Working Paper Series, No. 88-2016.
  • Bachan R, Reilly B, Witt R. (2014) 'Team Performance and Race: Evidence from the English and French National Soccer Teams'. Applied Economics, 46 (13), pp. 1535-1546.
  • Reilly B, Witt R. (2013) 'Red Cards, Referee Home Bias and Social Pressure: Evidence From English Premiership Soccer'. Applied Economics Letters, 20 (7), pp. 710-714.
  • Reilly B, Rickman N, Witt R. (2012) 'Robbing banks: Crime does pay - but not very much'. Significance, 9 (3), pp. 17-21.
  • Draca M, Machin S, Witt R. (2011) 'Panic on the Streets of London: Police, Crime, and the July 2005 Terror Attacks'. American Economic Review, 101 (5), pp. 2157-2181.
  • Reilly B, Witt R. (2011) 'Disciplinary Sanctions in English Premiership Football: Is There a Racial Dimension?'. Labour Economics, 18 (3), pp. 360-370.
  • Draca M, Machin S, Witt R. (2010) 'Crime Displacement and Police Interventions: Evidence from London’s “Operation Theseus"'. in Tella RD, Edwards S, Schargrodsky E (eds.) The Economics of Crime: Lessons for and from Latin America University Of Chicago Press: NBER Conference. Article number 10 , pp. 359-374.


ECO3038 Topics in Microeconomics

ECOM043 Econometrics 2

Departmental Duties

Junior/Senior Recruitment

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