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The latest news stories from Electronic Engineering, it's centres and the ATI are shown below:

Controlling Qubits in Silicon at Picosecond Speeds

Prof Ben Murdin's research featured in IEEE Spectrum.

Surrey hosts National Student Space Conference

Over 300 students, academics and professionals from across the space sector got together for a weekend of networking and talks by key industry figures. 

Read more about the conference on the main Feature page.

Surrey research to be presented to audience of MPs

Dr Phil Coleman has been invited to talk about his research into perceptually optimised sound zones to the Houses of Commons and Lords as part of a SET for BRITAIN event taking place on 9 March. 

Read more about the upcoming presentation and the research behind it on the main Feature page.

Revolutionising plasma technologies and virtual reality experiences for an ageing population

A consortium of plastic surgeons, medical professionals and Surrey Space Centre (SSC) researchers have formed the company Fourth State Medicine (4SM) – aiming to transform medical technology. 

Read more about Fourth State Medicine's work on the main Feature page.

3rd Annual ScraphEEp Challenge

On the 6th February 2015 the Electronics and Amateur Radio Society (EARS) hosted its 3rd annual ScraphEEp challenge supported by Electronic Engineering and the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Teams made up of both students and staff must create their contraptions from scrap and a basic starter kit to complete the challenge with a build time of just four hours! This year the challenge moved off the ground and into the air. The challenge was to create a cable car that could transport paperclips across a "ravine" on behalf of the Very Sensible Paperclip Company - points were scored per gram delivered with a heavy penalty for paperclips lost.

Carbon nanotube research could enable lighter, faster electric motors

Researchers in the ATI have developed a revolutionary technique for creating large sheets of carbon nanotubes which could completely change the way electric motors are designed. 

Discover more about the research, carried out by a doctoral student at the Centre for Micro- and Nanomaterials and Technologies (MiNMaT) in collaboration with ATI researchers, on the main Feature page.

ATI scientists design improved solar cells using light trapping nanotechnology

Scientists at the Advanced Technology Institute have developed a software model for advanced quantum effects called plasmonics, which allow more efficient solar cells to be developed.

Surrey hosts Quantum Technologies Winter School

The ‘Quantum Technologies Winter School’, organised by the University of Surrey and held at the Old Thorns Manor Hotel in Hampshire from 25–27 January 2015, saw 29 postgraduate researchers from prestigious UK universities learn about experimental and theoretical topics in quantum technologies. 

Discover more about the three-day workshop on the main Feature page.

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