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The latest news stories from Electronic Engineering, it's centres and the ATI are shown below:

Congratulations to Dr Aaron Knoll

Congratulations to Dr Aaron Knoll from Surrey Space Centre on winning The Tony Jeans Inspirational Teaching Prize for 2014.

ATI researcher speaks at first nanoHUB conference

Dr Michail Beliatis was invited to present his research, which uses nanostructures to enable chemical detection and solar cells, to global nanoHUB users. 

Discover more about Dr Beliatis' research on the main Feature page.

Putting breast cancer imaging technologies to the test

Surrey researcher speaks at Bournemouth Symposium Mammographicum on the importance of trialling a novel method of screening the disease. 

Read more about Dr Elangovan's research and presentation on the main Feature page.

First-year student awarded runner-up prize at PATW Competition

A first year undergraduate student at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Abdullah Al-Shakarchi, has placed as the runner up in the South England regional of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Present Around the World (PATW) Competition.

ATI and Digital World Research Centre in new augmented paper collaboration

A new project called Light Tags was launched this week (commencing 1 July 2014), funded by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account at Surrey.

Digital World and CVSSP release new app for musicians

Digital World Research Centre has released a new open source app for musicians, in a collaboration with the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP). Com-Note is a “Composer’s Notebook” that allows composers and performers to exchange musical scores, recordings and ideas in the composition of new musical works. It can be downloaded from the Google App Store on any Android phone.

5G innovation at the University of Surrey helps secure £5m investment to boost region-wide growth

£5m in government funding has been awarded to the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The funding, made available over a five-year period, supports future 5G growth across the region and recognises Surrey’s flagship project, the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), as a key driver for economic growth in the region.

Read more about the 5G Innovation Centre and its contribution to Enterprise M3's bid on the main Feature page.

Microscopic bubbles revolutionise nanomaterial dispersion

Surrey research reveals how ultrasonic waves can optimise the dispersion of nanomaterials, improving their chances of industrial application. 

Discover more about the application of ultrasonic waves to nanomaterial dispersion on the main Feature page.

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