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The latest news stories from Electronic Engineering, it's centres and the ATI are shown below:

Moon-landing Kickstarter campaign backed by Surrey academics

Surrey’s Professor Jim Al-Khalili is one of many high-profile scientists to endorse the Lunar Mission One, which aims to survey the moon’s South Pole for a potential future human landing site. 

Read more about the mission on the main Feature page.

Undergraduate research into quantum computing published by National Instruments

An article on lasers and megawatt magnets, written by Surrey Physics undergraduate Laurence Stant during his final year project, has been accepted for publication by equipment and instrumentation software company National Instruments. 

Read more about the paper and Laurence's work on the main Feature page.

Nick Ridler from NPL awarded Fellowship and Visiting Professorship

Nick Ridler has been awarded a Fellowship and appointed as a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey. 

Read more on the National Physical Laboratory website.

New research lights the way for super-fast computers

Findings published in the journal Nature Communications demonstrate how glass can be manipulated to create a material that will enable computers to transfer information using light. 

Read more about this new innovation in computing technology on the main Feature page.

Surrey’s space and medicine start-up enters SETsquared royal competition

University of Surrey start-up ‘Fourth State Medicine’, alongside ‘Nu Desine’ (Bristol) and ‘Smart Antenna Technologies’ (Bath), has been awarded a place at the renowned SETsquared Pitch@Palace competition.

Read more about the Fourth State Medicine start-up on the main Feature page.

CVSSP academic awarded the 2014 Longuet-Higgins prize

Dr. Krystian Mikolajczyk has been awarded the 2014 Longuet-Higgins Prize in acknowledgement of his 'Fundamental Contribution to Computer Vision' for his 2003 CVPR paper 'A Performance Evaluation of Local Descriptors' with Cordelia Schmid.

FASTER: Forward Acquisition of Soil and Terrain for Exploration Rover

The European consortium of six partners from five member states is developing and will demonstrate concepts for an efficient in-situ acquisition of soil and terrain properties on planetary surfaces which will increase travel velocities.  

Nobel Prize highlights research at Surrey

The Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to the creators of the now ubiquitous blue LED – an invention which is being further developed at the University of Surrey. 

Read more about the LED research at the University of Surrey on the main Feature page.

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