Professor Ravi Silva

Research Interests

His research interest encompass a wide range of activities. Nano-Electronics and renewables being two underlying themes that thread through a plethora of fields that include solar cells, OPV, OLEDs, CNT, graphene, SGT, CFRP, DLC, nano-biotechnology, nano carbons, nanotechnology, water, large area electronics, electronic and photonic devices.

In addition to Nano-Electronics, the characterisation, growth and processing of novel semiconductor materials for large area electronic applications is central to the group activity. Novel device structures & physic of carbon nanotubes and photovoltaics based on polymer/nanotube composites, electron field emission from amorphous materials and modelling of the emission, photovoltaics, electroluminescent cells, electronic doping of amorphous carbon, Excimer laser annealing and ablation, disordered (amorphous and n-C) GaN for optoelectronic applications, band gap modulated superlattice structures, diamond and SiC thin film deposition, the use of ion implantation for electronic doping and synthesis of novel materials are some of his other interests.

Research is progressing rapidly on growth kinetics of low temperature carbon nanotubes.

Research Collaborations

Research collaborations are in progress with national and international partners both from academia and industry. He has acted as advisor to many national and international organisations, including governments from USA, Korea, Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Hong Kong, Portugal, Canada, Brazil and Europe.

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 9825

Find me on campus
Room: 20 ATI 01

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