Satellite Communications

24-28 April 2017

This popular and intensive course provides delegates with an in-depth background of satellite communication techniques as well as a state of the art update on key emerging technologies and future systems. The course is ideal for engineers practising within the Satellite Communications field or for those in allied fields requiring an update in this area.  Discounts are given for IET and IEEE members and the Military (proof of membership needed)

Course Objectives

Through a series of intensive lectures and a hands-on project the course aims to:

  • Provide an in-depth treatment of satellite communication systems operation and planning.
  • Provide in-depth understanding of modern satellite multiple access, modulation and coding schemes.
  • Review the state of the art in new research areas such as speech and video coding, satellite networking and satellite personal communications.

Delegates should leave the course with a knowledge of:

  • Link budgets & planning
  • Modulation, coding & multiple access
  • Digital audio/video broadcasting
  • Satellite Personal Communication Systems
  • Satellite Networking

Plus a good all round idea of current and emerging systems and technologies for the future.
Because the course also gives emphasis to the theoretical aspects of the subject delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the field. Consequently they will be better placed to apply their knowledge to the workplace.

Over the past years, delegates have benefited from the project groups and working in these groups. The project presentations on the last day are always one of the course highlights!

Provisional Course Timetable

Please note that this syllabus can be changed at the University of Surrey's discretion.


Satellite Communications

Course Programme : 24-28 April 2017








1. Review of Satellite Systems: State of the art today 

5. Modulation and Modems in Sat Comms 

9. Advanced Air Interfaces for Sat Comms

13 . High Through Input Satellites


17. Project Presentations 



Professor B G Evans

Dr Benga Awoseyila


Dr Benga Awoseyila



Dr Argyrios Kyrgiazos


Barry Evans /Argyrios Kyrgiazos/








2. System Planning and Link Budgets Part I

6. Basic Coding for Satellite Communications

10. Introduction to Satellite Networking 

14. Payload Engineering

18. Military Satellite Systems


Professor B G Evans

Dr Benga Awoseyila

Prof. Zhili Sun


Dr Ranjit Manku

Airbus Defence and Space

Dr Phil Wadey









3. System Planning and Link Budgets Part II

7. Multiple Access

11. Earth Station Engineering

15. Digital Video Applications


19. Small Satellite Technology and SSTL (45 mins) 


Professor B G Evans


John Miller, Vodafone

Mike Walsh, Arqiva Broadcast and Media

Tony Holt SSTL








4. Service Provisioning and Quality for Digital Systems Part I

8. Regulation for Sat Comms

12.VSat and BB access (inc RCS2) 


16. Mobile Satellite Systems

20. Future of Satellite Communications (45 mins)


Professor B G Evans


Dr P Thompson


Amar Khan, Inmarsat

Professor Barry Evans


17:30-18:45 approx 

17:15 – 17:30


Team Projects

Team Projects

 Team Projects




Argyrios Kyrgiazos/Barry Evans

Argyrios Kyrgiazos/Barry Evans

Argyrios Kyrgiazos/Barry Evans




Introduction Team Projects






 Prof. Barry Evans



Course Dinner 7:30 




Price per person, including lunch, refreshments and printed course notes

£1850 - Standard rate

£1750 - Early bird rate for payment received one month before the course start date

For IET Members (proof of membership needed)

£1850 - Standard rate

£1650 - Early bird rate for payment received one month before the course start date

Payments are accepted via Purchase Order, Credit card or bank transfer.

Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellations notified in writing ten working days before the event; we charge a cancellation fee of 35% of the standard rate.  If we have already received payment we refund 65% of the full fee.
  • Cancellations within 10 working days before the event; We charge these at the full rate and do not give refunds.
  • If no written notice of cancellation is received, no refund can be made.  The University of Surrey reserves the right to cancel any event.  In this case, the full fee will be refunded unless a mutually convenient transfer can be arranged.  Details of event changes or cancellations are available by phoning +44 (0)1483 686040
  • Delegates can make a provisional registration for a course by telephone or email. However bookings are only acknowledged formally once payment has been received.
  • Substitutions, from the same company, may be made following consultation with the Continuing Education Manager.
  • The University reserves the right to cancel any course on the grounds of insufficient numbers or for other reasons beyond our control. In this case the full fee will be refunded unless a mutually convenient transfer can be arranged.
  • Registrations cannot be accepted without a valid Purchase order, credit card payment or cheque.

Paying by Credit Card

This is through our online store - please email for the updated link.

Payments will be accepted subject to availability. If making payment by credit card, please forward the transaction receipt to 

the CE Office



  • Enquiries should be addressed to the Professional Development Office, FEPS, Tel: +44(0)1483 686040 or 
  • email

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