Amy De'Ath

Amy De'Ath was born in Suffolk in 1985. She studied American Literature with Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia and at Temple University in Philadelphia, before moving to Australia and then to London. Her poems have appeared in a wide variety of journals in the UK and US, including Esque, Onedit, QUID, and The Rialto. Crater Press published her broadside, Andromeda, The World Works for Me, and her work features in the Salt Best Younger Poets 2011 anthology. Her first collection, Erec & Enide, was published by Salt in Dec 2010 and her second collection, Caribou, by Bad Press in 2011. Amy currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.



I can’t write many poems
for you because I’m so
busy with work what
am I doing
I caught tonsillitis on the
tube again
I pulled the blind on the
royal night sky and
similarly expensive traits
of life, I clasp a rung
of righteousness while my feet
slip off the ladder
its romantic tropes
and I forgot how to pronounce
so many words or resurface
I am coming into Waterloo
station with a broken wrist
clasping a ‘to do’ list
bracing a rabbit with teeth
bearing a rare and
meticulous illness
I am coming into
words approaching some of
the most dangerous species
in painting,
I forgot how to write
so many poems and
I’ve got waters broke
oh no-one’s watching
I could massage the
waves into your back write
torrents on how you are the
one saving me from finite
death I’m so busy with work
what I am doing
I may as well have forgotten
my mother’s birthday I forgot
to tell her I had tonsillitis.
My face is closer to
my knuckles than my mind
and 96% of the work I do
I imagine you as my wife
you do the pots
am I looking for a spellbinding
cause or just a way to write
more poems for you.

January 2011



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